London Bitcoin Forum 2016 Event Is A Confirmed Scam

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the upcoming London Bitcoin Forum 2016 event, which is scheduled to be held in London. However, as it turns out, there is reasonable doubt there will even be a conference to begin with. Various speakers have been announced while they have never been approached by the organization, and the QEII Centre has no event booked at the venue for those dates. Everyone who planned to go there should start working on the refunds process sooner rather than later.

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London Bitcoin Forum 2016 Will Probably Never Happen

TheMerkle_London Bitcoin Forum 2016 Scam Refund

Before people start pointing fingers of blame at companies and news outlets who published the London Bitcoin Forum 2016 press release, it is important to keep in mind all of these sites use a disclaimer stating how they are not responsible for the content.  Or in this case, they are not to be blamed for any issues regarding this event, nor should anyone attack them and ask for refunds that way.

Note from the Author: I was planning to attend myself and had booked a Eurostar trip and hotel for the event. Right now, I am going through official channels in the hope of getting a refund or voucher.

The London Bitcoin Forum 2016 website looks rather convincing, but there were some warning signs as well. Even though the list of speakers is rather extensive, various people have indicated they are not affiliated with the event and will not be appearing there. But that is not the biggest worry of all, as the QEII Centre confirmed via email, there is no event scheduled at their venue.

Anna Minova, Sales & Revenue Management Executive for the QEII Centre stated:

“We are not holding that event in the centre. We’ve already contacted  the organisers and they should remove our venue details from their website.”

Now that we know the London Bitcoin Forum 2016 conference will not be taking place at the QEII Centre, the question becomes whether or not there will be an event to begin with. The chances are slim to none, as the organization has still not updated their website with a new venue, nor have they added or removed speakers.

All of the Bitcoin payments for tickets to the London Bitcoin Forum 2016 event are processed by Coinkite. It would be in the best interest to halt all payment processing on behalf of the “event organization” at this point, to avoid any more people losing money. At the time of publication, it remains unknown how many digital currency enthusiasts have been duped due to this rather convincing event web page.

Source: Reddit

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