LocalBitcoins Volume Spikes In Australasia and Scandinavia

Bitcoin has always been a global phenomenon, and it is interesting to find out where the growing interest is coming from. LocalBitcoins charts are always a valuable source of information in this regard. Albeit the Brexit may not have the expected effect, severals regions around the world are showing trading peaks in recent weeks.

Everybody Wants Some Bitcoin These Days

TheMerkle_LocalBitcoins Volume Going Up

New Zealand is one of the surprises when it comes to Bitcoin trading volume as of late. The Brexit affects this region as well, as it is remotely-ruled by the British Crown. Over the past few weeks, the Bitcoin trading volume has gone up tremendously. Just last week, the volume surpassed 130,000 NZD for the first time. Quite an interesting development to keep an eye on for sure.

The United Kingdom has been rather quiet on the Bitcoin front as of late, despite the trading volume still growing. No significant spikes were noted, albeit many experts assumed there would be. The way things stand right now, the country is well on track to reach 1.5m GBP in weekly LocalBitcoins volume moving forward.

Over in Scandinavia, on the other hand, Bitcoin seems to become a hot commodity as of late. Sweden is seeing a spike in trading volume on LocalBitcoins, surpassing the 2,4m Swedish Krona mark for the second time in a month. Looking at the charts, it is clear the demand for Bitcoin has been steadily increasing month over month.

A bigger trend can be noted in Norway, where LocalBitcoins seems to be hitting it off all of a sudden. The weekly Bitcoin trading volume has nearly doubled in the past three weeks, albeit there is no clear indication as to why this is. The country does seem to be for going cashless, which may have something to do with it.

Denmark saw a massive spike two weeks ago as well, albeit things have quieted down ever since. A sudden jump in trading volume from 22,000 DKK to nearly 100,000 DKK was rather unexpected. This also goes to show it doesn’t take that much money to shake up the local Bitcoin market in this country.

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