LibertyX Brings Cash-for-Bitcoin Purchases to 7-Elevens Across the US

Making Bitcoin more accessible for purchase is always an ongoing challenge. LibertyX may be able to crack the code, as it has added 20,000 stores to purchase BTC directly. 

For those familiar with LibertyX, this news may not come as too big of a surprise.

A big Move by LibertyX

The company is building  a network of locations where Bitcoin can be bought.

Additionally, the company runs a growing network of ATMs with cryptocurrency support.

Adding another 20,000 stores and locations to this list is a big deal.

Especially when considering how all retail locations will accept cash payments for these transactions.

Supported chains include 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacy, and many more. 

All of these locations see ample foot traffic – under normal circumstances .

As such, thousands of people will be exposed to an option to purchase Bitcoin every single day.

Ensuring this results in much broader adoption of cryptocurrency, is not a guarantee. 

Unless this option is advertised properly, most people will simply overlook it altogether.

That being said, one has to applaud the efforts by LibertyX to keep making an impact.

Focusing on both chain retailers and independent retailers may be a recipe for success in the long run.

Improving Bitcoin accessibility will remain a point of focus.