Liberty Market Place Advertises First Ever Public Dark Net Help Wanted Sign.

If you can read, and write in French, have an unmatched attention to detail, and don’t mind being paid in stolen goods; there’s a job being advertised just for you.

A French dark net market recently posted an ad, looking for a “cleaner”. Duties would entail maintaining, editing, and clearing up pages and posts. Seems pretty legit, right? Why not, when you can earn a cool 700 euro’s a month for an hour and a half work 4 times a day.

Never before has there been a dark net job so flauntingly advertised before. Usually to find workers, dark net vendors and administrators will rely on only people they know they can trust, or people that come with the greatest referrals imaginable.

Translated to English, the ad reads:

“Liberty Market is looking for a Cleaner.

We are looking for a M/F member, with good spelling, and who is skilled in adjusting the layout of pages.

You will need to connect at least 1h30, 4 times a week.

You will be in charge of corrections/ layout of posts, so that the forum becomes more readable. You will need to fulfil your duties any time it is necessary, which can include several/dozens of posts to correct every time you connect (if you only connect for the minimal time required).

You will get your own dashboard for your duties, so that you can correct any post independently.

You will be paid with virtual/physical goods: Yes Checks, stolen credit card data, stolen goods, for an amount not exceeding EUR 700 per month.

Contact by private message.”

The French underground has been called the most unique on the dark net scene today. With the public posting of “help wanted” signs like this one, it’s no wonder why. It’s been said that the number of job advertisements for dark net is set to sky rocket, with Liberty Market Place setting the new standard. This could also, in theory, help the French cybercrime underground gain a strong foothold, very fast. The real danger in this, seems to lie in the method of payment, but it is speculated that it is only a matter of time before we see ads advertising bitcoin, or other crypto-currencies as payment.

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