Learn and Trade Bitcoin Futures with Crix

Crix.io, a Bitcoin futures exchange currently in beta, is working toward making futures trading easier by combining a learning and trading platform into a single exchange.

Trading Bitcoin futures is a science that encompasses many different facets. Crix.io offers services for merchants, miners and traders. Whether an enterprise wants to fix the U.S. dollar (USD) value of its Bitcoin income or a trader wants leveraged trading options; this platform can do it all.

More importantly, all of these tools are presented in a secure environment.

Bitcoin Futures Trading

One future contract on Crix represents one Bitcoin, priced in U.S. dollars, with margins and profits also denoted in U.S. dollars.
Once the contract matures, the USD profit or loss will be converted back to its current Bitcoin value at the settlement price. Due to the speedy nature of the Bitcoin protocol, traders can withdraw their profits rather quickly. You can also opt to exchange alternative coins (altcoins) to Bitcoin or vice versa, depending on preference.

What sets the platform apart is how they guarantee fair settlement regardless of liquidity or volatility. Novice and experienced traders will be part of a frictionless Bitcoin futures trading experience, the way it was designed to be.

Under the hood, the Crix platform uses a mathematical model to analyze market history, set price limits and take margin requirements into account for every session. On the technical side, Crix offers the tools to perform any action from the single screen interface.

To make life easier for novice Bitcoin futures traders, the Crix team has put together a helpful FAQ section. The information listed on these pages also serves as a beginner’s trading tutorial.

New users should make sure they read the FAQ section before opening their first futures positions. It is vital to always make a fully-informed and carefully weighed decision regarding the future price of Bitcoin.

Registration and Using the Platform

Already in its current form, Crix places a strong focus on account security, which is noticeable during the sign-up process. Users are asked to add a security question to their accounts, which provides an extra layer of safety. Two-factor authentication is another popular method of account security, and Crix makes users enable it as a mandatory step before allowing them to withdraw funds.

Although Bitcoin futures is the main focus of the platform, Crix supports other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Peercoin, Digital Cash, Namecoin, Dogecoin, and NXT, which are all available for deposits and withdrawals. Adding Ethereum (ETH) and futures contracts on ETH/USD price is planned for the nearest month or two.

Having different options is never a bad thing, and the Crix team ensures the information is not too overwhelming for novice users.

The majority of traders will be primarily interested in the Bitcoin futures market; Crix offers the common spot order as a first choice. Moreover, there is also an option to go long or short on the Bitcoin three-hour and 24-hour charts. Advanced traders can use a plethora of charting tools from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen to predict where the Bitcoin price will go next.

Using the Crix platform is relatively easy, and users are never taken away from the main charting screen. Additional sub-menus will pop up as a layer on top of the main screen, showcasing the professional nature of this platform.

All in all, a very user-friendly experience, with no unnecessary clutter.

Convenience, Privacy, and Ease-of-Use

The Crix platform, albeit still in beta, puts together a nice set of features for trading Bitcoin futures. Founder Dmitry Koval has put the team’s focus on the aspects that matter most to traders: convenience, privacy, and ease-of-use.Developers can integrate the Crix application programming interface (API) into their platforms and tools.

Requesting information is convenient and provides a treasure trove of data. Results are returned instantly, and developers can test API commands on the website before implementing them.

All things considered, Crix is a versatile platform that will be a valuable addition to the Bitcoin futures trading market.

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