Kraken’s Dan Held Expects the Bitcoin Price to Surpass $100,000

A bearish cryptocurrency market tends to make people wonder about the future Bitcoin price. For some, it seems that reaching $100,000 is still very plausible. 

It has not been an easy week for Bitcoin price watchers.

A Six-Digit Bitcoin Price Remains Possible

Those in search of an uptrend have been sorely disappointed. 

If anything, the world’s leading cryptocurrency has shifted gears in the wrong direction.

With the current price approaching the mid-9350 range, there is still no real support in sight.

Despite this ongoing onslaught, some people remain hopeful for the future.

One of those people is Kraken’s Dan Held.

In a recent YouTube video, Held confirmed how Bitcoin will resume its uptrend fairly soon.

He even expects to hit a Bitcoin price of $100,000 and higher in the very near future.

To most, this seems like an overly optimistic outlook.

Others see merit in this particular statement, as the overall uptrend seems to remain intact.

The upcoming Bitcoin block reward halving also creates a lot of hope, albeit that may be slightly misguided.

How viable a major bull run for Bitcoin will turn out to be, is anyone’s guess.

Surpassing $10,000 in a permanent manner has proven difficult, if not nearly impossible. 

That situation needs to change sooner rather than later.