Knowledge App is available for iOS

Rewarding people for their knowledge has become a popular idea, and the blockchain project knows how to monetize internet users’ love of quizzes and contests,. Today, we are going to tell you about their mobile app, which allows learning, rewards people for knowledge, and builds up an ecosystem for future knowledge ads.

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The project is a startup by IKL (International Knowledge League), which has now begun its ICO to sell 5 mln tokens. People will receive KNW tokens for their knowledge and will have a chance to spend them on the Marketplace. The team believes that the future of advertisement will be knowledge-based, and commercial companies can pay for knowledge-based promotion..

Today, the company demonstrates the Trivia Spar app- a fun way to learn, which is now available on AppStore or Google Play. At present, there are over 13 mln questions in a wide variety of categories, such as movies, art, music, health, ICD coding, history, science, cars, and general knowledge. The list of questions is constantly growing, meaning contests are always interesting for users.

Learn, play and earn

There are two main types of gameplay on Trivia Spar. When you play alone, you can discover new information in  the category of your choice. The second mode is Duel in which you answer questions alongside other players on a specific topic, rather than a broader category. For example, within the category of Movies there are many topics, such as comedies, horror, action, personalities and so on.

Not to mention, you can organize and participate in tournaments with 4, 8 or 16 opponents, answering the same questions. The more users take part in tournament, the more rewards you can receive. For example, the largest tournaments involve 1000 players and have valuable prizes, such as a trip to the SuperBowl.

In addition, the app has launched Skilled Games in 45 states, with the aim to make them more widely available. These games are a form of skilled gaming  in which between 4-16 players pay the entry fee to prove their own ability to answer questions, and get the chance to show off their knowledge.

App first, ads later

The next step of roadmap is focused on launching advertisement campaigns, based on knowledge. Rewarding users for sharing their knowledge has proved popular and lead to a rapidly growing user base. Therefore, commercial companies and public organizations can leverage this trend and promote their own topics. According to the whitepaper, this projects opens the way for new types of advertising which we will start to see later in 2018-2019.