KnCMiner Mines Consecutive Bitcoin Classic Blocks

The Bitcoin mining world is in an awkward state right now, as a wedge has been driven between mining pools and miners who support either Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin Classic. While this battle has no overall effect on the total Bitcoin hashrate in most cases, there seems to be a new competitive edge between both software solutions. Especially KnCMiner appears to be on a roll when it comes to mining Bitcoin Classic blocks on the network.

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KnCMiner And Bitcoin Classic Blocks

TheMerkle_KnCMiner Bitcoin Classic

Based on the latest information provided by NodeCounter, a total of five Bitcoin Classic blocks has been mined on the network so far. This is a near 100% increase from just a few days ago, indicating both miners and mining pools are keen on mining the solution they think has the best chance of success.

What is of more interest, is how the last three Bitcoin Classic blocks were mined by KnCMiner, a well-respected mining hardware manufacturer. Even though there is still a very long way to go before Bitcoin Classic sees any significant amount of support by the mining community, an interesting trend is being set.

The most recent Bitcoin Classic block was mined earlier today, as block #399802 was discovered on the network by KnCMiner. With a total of 1,933 transactions included in the block – worth nearly 70,000 BTC – this marks another important milestone in the history of Bitcoin.

Keeping in mind how Bitcoin XT – another Bitcoin Core rival that has since been put out of its misery – saw support from mining pools as well, it will be interesting to see if Bitcoin Classic will fare better. A total of 8 Bitcoin XT blocks were mined before major DDoS attacks started taking place, and Bitcoin Classic is rapidly approaching this threshold.

KncMiner is getting a lot of love from Bitcoin Classic supporters on Reddit, although some people are jumping the gun. One post on Reddit mentioned how a total of six Bitcoin Classic blocks have been mined on the network, even though there only five according to Coin Dance statistics. That being said, there is an excellent chance the sixth block will be found on the network later today, though.

The ongoing battle between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Classic is becoming the primary source of information in the Bitcoin world right now. Whether or not this will be beneficial to the digital currency community remains to be seen, though. All of this internal fighting is not helping the legitimacy of Bitcoin by any means.

Source: Blocktrail

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