Kim Dotcom Hints At Bitcoin Service To Launch In 2017

There seems to be a lot of speculation going on as to what Kim Dotcom is up to these days. Everyone is well aware of how he has a soft spot for Bitcoin. But he hasn’t given up on his dreams to create a proper file sharing solution either. One of his most recent tweets has some people guessing as to whether or not he is using Bitcoin technology to achieve this goal.

Kim Dotcom Sparks The Bitcoin Imagination Again

The name Kim Dotcom is well-known among technology enthusiasts. He is the person responsible for filesharing services MegaUpload and Moreover, these platforms have been a thorn in the eye for law enforcement agencies all over the world. Accusations of pirated content being hosted on these services are not difficult to come by.

Whenever Dotcom sends out a tweet related to Bitcoin, the community perks up in excitement almost immediately. His latest message references to some hybrid solution of Megaupload and Bitcoin, without going into further details. Will we witness a file hosting solution that accepts Bitcoin? Or will it pay users in Bitcoin for every time their file is downloaded?

For now, the answer to that question remains unknown. While news like this is more than enough to give the Bitcoin price a healthy nudge upwards, the effect will continue to be minimal until we know the finer details. We have it on good authority Kim Dotcom will not reveal too much information before the launch of this new service. Apparently, that is expected to happen somewhere around January of 2017.


It is not impossible we will see a distributed and decentralized version of Megaupload at some point in the future. At the same time, platforms such as Storj are already working towards that goal. Whether or not a partnership between both parties would ensue, remains unknown at this time.

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