Kim Dotcom Continues To Predict A US$2,000 Bitcoin Price

Whenever Kim Dotcom sends out a tweet to the rest of the world, people need to pay attention. He has won over a lot of souls in the cryptocurrency world due to his plans for Bitcoin in his upcoming project. Bitcache is designed to take Bitcoin mainstream, and Dotcom sticks to his US$2,000 prediction in the next two years.

Kim Dotcom Makes Another Bitcoin Reference

Over the past few months Kim Dotcom has been working hard to hype both his upcoming Bitcache project, as well as discuss the Bitcoin price. There is also a  reference to MegaUpload 20 in his recent tweet, which indicates that the platform may accept cryptocurrency payments in the future as well.

While a Bitcoin price prediction of US$2,000 in the next two years is not impossible to achieve, it will take a lot to get to that price. Many people will remember the Bitcoin price surpassing US$1,100 a few years ago, although that was due to an artificial bot pushing up the price on a constant basis.

Taking Bitcoin mainstream is not an easy feat, either. There are plenty of consumers and enterprises who have no clear understanding of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Moreover, they do not see a clear need for this alternative payment option, which is not entirely surprising at this stage.

Regardless of how people want to look at things, Kim Dotcom firmly believes in the potential that Bitcoin brings to the table. Accepting cryptocurrency payments through his own projects is just the first step, and it may not necessarily affect the price anytime soon. But sooner or later something will have to give. Whether or not that will be partially due to MegaUpload 2,0 and Bitcache remains to be seen.

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