KangaMoon Popularity Surges – Two Altcoins With Bullish Trend in June

The goal of investors is to identify high-potential projects on time and invest in the project. The ongoing KangaMoon (KANG) presale has drawn the attention of whales who are accumulating the token before its listing in exchanges in the coming days.

This surge has led to a series of price predictions for the altcoin. Meanwhile, Polygon and Filecoin are showing signs of an upcoming rally with some analysts picking them among the top altcoins to buy now for short and long term gains. 

KangaMoon Ecosystem Popularity Surges As BitMart Announces Listing

The KangaMoon ecosystem’s popularity has surged in the past weeks as the token listing draws closer. BitMart is one of the major exchanges that has announced it will list KANG soon. There is growing optimism that other exchanges, such as Uniswap, will list the token soon. As such, now presents the best opportunity to buy the top altcoin before it launches. 

The KangaMooon community has increased to over 32,000 users with more than 10,000 token holders, which shows massive adoption of the token. Meanwhile, the native token, KANG, is sold for just $0.025. Early buyers have gotten 400% returns. The team is closer to raising $8M in the presale. Some analysts tip the coin to surge by 20x in the coming weeks. 

KangaMoon staking dApp is live and users can stake their assets for maximum APY. With the surging momentum, some analysts forecast the KANG price to hit $0.5 soon. As such, KANG is one of the best altcoins to buy now. As a platform, KangaMoon will integrate the Play to Earn and Social-Fi model to build a vibrant community for meme lovers.  

Polygon Price Analysis — Is a Bull Rally Ahead?

Polygon is one of the top altcoins showing bullish signs. Market data shows that the price of the altcoin has set support at the $0.70 mark, with the coin targeting the $1 threshold. Although the Polygon trading volume is down as a result of the market retracement, some analysts believe that it will head to the bull market soon. 

Meanwhile, Polygon did not witness any significant rally in the weekly and monthly price charts. Crypto analyst Crypto VIP Signal believes that Polygon is approaching a major decision zone that will determine the next move. However, the Polygon market sentiment is bullish, with the Fear and Greed index showing Greed (63). As such, some Polygon price predictions tip the altcoin to hit $1 in June, putting it in the expert’s list of altcoins to invest in for future gains. 

Filecoin Introduces Key Updates As Analyst Tip the Price To Hit $12

Filecoin has introduced new updates aimed at strengthening the ecosystem and increasing adoption. One of the recent integrations is with Squid Router through the Axelar Network, allowing for seamless swaps to and from Filecoin. This new integration enables faster loading speed and unlimited access across multiple chains, boosting the functionality and efficiency of Filecoin’s storage services. 

Meanwhile, Filecoin’s price is still trading above the $5 support zone. Some analysts believe that Filecoin will retest the $10 mark in June. Popular crypto analyst World of Chart anticipates a rally towards the $12 mark in case of a successful breakout. As such, Filecoin is one of the top altcoins to invest in now for future gains. 

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