Josh Garza, CEO Of Crippled GAW Sets Out On Another Business Venture …

Josh Garza the head of many criminal organizations, also known to be one of the biggest criminals in the Bitcoin Sphere has been accused of perpetrating another scam/fraudulent business. The latest “business model”comes in the form of This website claiming to be backed by the Crypto Private Investor Group, has popped up after much excitement from none other than Josh Garza. Whilst Josh Garza has been unusually open about the project, discussing it openly on the Hash Talk forum, the launch of the website has not gone down well with many linking it to the past ventures of Josh Garza.

Its not just the reputation of Josh Garza which has led many to believe this site is a scam/fraud as the site itself contains many factors and features which are typical of a scam. Initially the address used as the postal address of the company has been highlighted to be a virtual address. Using the site the company have obtained a address. This has been highlighted as the first sign of the scam as the venture has no official documentation or property for investors to go after when the venture eventually folds.

Next the website design also looks extremely similar to the ones adopted by a variety of other sites. It has been brought to our attention that the images and assets used on the website have been used elsewhere. As pointed out on reddit :

Crypto-PIG seems like a well-thought-out name for a company.

Edit: and their website looks just like these. [1.][2.][3.]

As pointed out by the user, the site is made up of entirely components used in other sites. As seen in sites like the late LunaMine these sites which borrow pictures are also more likely to have a fraudulent purpose as not even the website is unique and authentic to the company. On the other hand the past reputation of Josh Garza is proven to twist all his ventures out of proportion. The many shattered hearts and minds of those who were involved in the failed PayCoin have not yet recovered as the many empty promises remained unfulfilled and will continue to be so till the foreseeable future. With the PayCoin leaving a lasting impression it comes as no surprise many have turned their noses up at another chance to work with Garza. With the new company linked directly to the man himself, it looks to be a difficult task for many to swallow another pill which is likely to be costly yet again.

  • ‘Members of the CPIG stand with GAW founder, Josh Garza

To conclude this new organization which has appeared on the horizon is seemingly innocent but with the current state of things in the Bitcoin sphere , one can never be to careful when dealing with investors. In particular when dealing with Josh Garza, who has a reputation for running scams and business ventures which have been exposed as fraudulent, the launch of this new site has raised plenty of eyebrows. With many condemning his latest move, it seems Josh Garza is still free to roam Bitcoin markets at will and many have also highlighted how his latest move has effectively abandoned PayCoin users yet again.

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