John McAfee Wants to Become the Next President of the United States

Up to this point, cryptocurrency has not received much support from government officials. That is not entirely surprising, considering that most officials consider Bitcoin to be an evil fad first and foremost. Should John McAfee ever become President of the US, however, that situation could change.

A Bold Plan by John McAfee

There are certain individuals in the world who can always attract a lot of attention by conveying one simple message. In the case of John McAfee, his desire to see cryptocurrencies succeed has been well-documented over the past two years. Some of his tweets are a lot more bullish than others, and they don’t always seem to make much sense at first.

Even so, there is a method to John McAfee’s madness. He is confident that cryptocurrencies will succeed, and may even replace traditional currencies in the long run. Although that seems unlikely, Bitcoin and its cohorts are making their mark on the financial industry regardless.

One of McAfee’s new plans involves running for the presidency in 2020. Although everyone knows McAfee’s chances of becoming the next US president are slim to none, there is no reason not to explore this opportunity. He made it clear he is open to the idea of running with the Libertarian party, although there is no indication that they will ask him to do so.

If he isn’t sought out by the Libertarian party, McAfee is equally willing to create his own party to run for POTUS. It is a very bold plan and one that seemingly has literally no chance of succeeding. That will not dissuade individuals such as John McAfee from giving it a try, though, as he has done some crazy things in his life which few people thought possible. Besides, a lot of people predicted Donald Trump would lose the US presidential election in 2016, and that result was very different as well.

If McAfee actually got elected as the next US president, he would do everything in his power to “best serve the cryptocurrency community.” More specifically, he sees the presidency as the ultimate political platform to boost cryptocurrency adoption and get rid of some of the regulatory red tape holding back industry growth. How he plans to do this exactly remains to be determined at this stage.

While one has to commend the gutsy attitude of John McAfee, it is also important to separate truth from fiction. Logically speaking, his chances of becoming the next US president are roughly zero. At the same time, we live in an era where even the strangest things have a very real chance of happening sooner or later. “President McAfee” certainly has an interesting ring to it, although it may never become a real thing.