John McAfee Goes Into Exile Following Rumored IRS Charges

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts are familiar with John McAfee. His tweets regarding privacy, Bitcoin and altcoin endorsements are all legendary by now. Unlike what some might assume, crypto is not his only focus right now. In a recent video, he confirmed he will run for President of the US in 2020, albeit he will not be on US soil for campaigning purposes until further notice.  It’s rumored the IRS has taken a keen interest in McAfee as of late.

Unconfirmed IRS Charges Spook McAfee

It’s always interesting to note how some seemingly unimportant political shifts can trigger a lot of backlash. In the United States, citizens are required to pay taxes on their cryptocurrency holdings. John McAfee, a person who made a ton of money with Bitcoin and altcoins over the past few years, has recently confirmed he hasn’t paid any taxes for the past eight years now. It’s only normal this type of behavior will ultimately lead to an investigation by the IRS.

Speaking of which, the IRS is – allegedly – looking to charge McAfee in the state of Tennessee. Other individuals to be indicted include John’s wife and multiple campaign workers. These campaign workers are all tied to McAfee’s aspirations of running for US President in 2020. An investigation by the IRS is not necessarily something that will help his chances of achieving this goal by any means. His recent “departure” from the US only complicates things, as he is now running his campaign “in exile” on his boat.

This recent development is another interesting chapter in the storied life of John McAfee. Despite openly challenging the IRS not that long ago and saying “here I am,” McAfee now seems more than willing to take preemptive action against any charges coming his way. Despite leaving US soil on a boat in a hasty manner, McAfee remains defiant and claims he “is not afraid of these people” in the slightest. 

As far as his current plans are concerned, remaining at large remains his only option. Although it wouldn’t be impossible for McAfee to remain at sea for two years or longer, this action appears to be rather premature. After all, there have been no official charges against him. Unless these charges are officially confirmed, it remains unclear if the IRS is even prepared to take legal action against the McAfee household and associated campaign workers, only time will tell.

On another note, a news story broke last year regarding some funds being stolen from the McAfee team. It was believed millions of dollars worth of tokens and currencies were stolen by at least one member. Ever since that time, not much has come of this ongoing investigation. It’s certainly possible this “bounty” has attracted the IRS’ attention. However, as the agency hasn’t confirmed any charges, it remains anyone’s guess as to what will happen next.