Italian Luxury Pen Maker Ancora Announces Ethereum Pens

Ancora, the Italian manufacturer of high-end writing instruments and accessories has launched its Cryptocurrency Pen series. Taking inspiration from the top performing blockchain platforms of today and embodying them into pens, Ancora is rolling out their limited edition Ethereum pen.

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Ancora Mixes Tradition With Cutting Edge In Ethereum Pens

Ancora is known for their integration of exotic materials in their wide variety of pens. This includes Michelangelo’s marble, grey stones from Piza, igneous rock from Mount Vesuvius and even wooden parts taken from the Titanic. It is no surprise that the Ethereum pen is held to a similar standard, with the nib being constructed of 18K gold, and all fine detail work is done manually.

Ancora has over a century of experience when it comes to making unique writing accessories, and it is carrying that experience into these latest offerings.

The body of the pen is adorned by artists using miniature painting techniques and then varnished multiple times for a lasting finish. Like the Bitcoin pen before it, the Ethereum pen will also feature a modern and easy to use filling system to lower chances of spilling as well as a provide a smooth writing experience one would expect from a pen of this caliber.

The Ethereum pen was selected by a client vote conducted during the rollout of the Bitcoin pen, which follows the same Token Sale model like the coins and tokens of the cryptocurrencies these pens represent. Unlike the Ethereum coin however, the supply of pens will be capped, with a total of 976 pens made in total.

Pre-production sale

The Ethereum pen is currently in a pre-production sale, which started April 8th and goes until May 8th. During this time period, the Ethereum pen can be purchased at a 50% discount compared to market price as well as the ability to select a lucky number.

With only 88 fountain pens and 888 rollerball pens being made, each pen will be engraved with a unique number. Each number will be available on a first come – first served basis.

After the pre-production sale comes to an end, the production sale begins May 12th and lasts for a little over 2 weeks, ending May 27th. During this time frame, a 40% discount is offered, with retail sales and pricing in effect starting in July. July is also when production of the Ethereum pen will cease, giving each owner a truly one of a kind writing instrument.

Retail Price Details, Discount On Other Pens

Retail price for the Fountain pen is $2500 and for the rollerball pen is $2250, which results in a $1250 and $1000 price during pre-production, and $1500 and $1250 price during the production stage. People who purchase an Ethereum pen also receive a 25% discount on some of Ancora’s other offerings, such as Bitcoin Pens, Panda Green, Panda Black, and Casino.

To chat with the Ancora team about Ethereum Pens or even their other offerings, join their Telegram channel here. For more information about the pens, reserving special numbers, or even making a purchase, visit their website here.