It Seems Like Illegal Xanax Dealers Are Taking Marketing To a Whole New Level

If you didn’t think just logging on to a dark net market was sketchy enough, you’ll be absolutely terrified to know some dealers have actually started to upload pictures of their drug labs to online market places.

Two vendors to be exact, within the last two days have publicly shared photos from their labs and workspaces, potentially exposing their real identities.

Thursday, AlpraKing, who is a Xanax vendor, posted pictures of his operation to Reddit. The posting included the title, My Lab, and photos and descriptions to go along with them.

“This was v4.0. Over 10 million pills were produced there over the course of 9 months,” one of the descriptions said.

When asked what the purpose was for posting these photos was, AlpraKing replied with:

“I’d say fan-service. Any publicity is good publicity. It may seem like a bad choice for a drug dealer, but not so long ago, shipping drugs via mail seemed like a bad choice for a drug dealer as well. The way things are progressing, you need to operate a drug DNM company the same way you would operate a legit company. That means more visibility and discussion= more sales.”

Most people would think as long as your face, and any identifying marks and tattoos aren’t being uploaded, it would be fine. Well La Moustache, an independent researcher seems to think otherwise.

On his twitter, La Moustache points out that there may be some identifying marks in these pictures, that would make it easier for investigators to find out who, and essentially where, these dealers are.

“For maximum #OPSEC fail take and post pics of your drug paraphernalia deliveries with FedEx tracking numbers on them. What about not taking pictures of your pharma supplier (Blanver) MICROCEL bags with serial & batch numbers?” one of his tweets read.

On Tuesday, another dealer uploaded video of employees in their labs.

“Featuring: Unknown Chinese chemists & dirty lab. (Doesn’t affect powder purity),” BenzoChems wrote on Reddit following the video upload.

For a brief moment, the face of one of the Chinese employees is on camera, and BenzoChems had this to say:

“Opsec 0/10 but in China no one gives a shit.”

It’s anyone’s guess why dealers and manufacturers would take this kind of risk. It’s also speculative as to why it’s only Xanax dealers who are doing it.

“I don’t know why it’s just the fact with Xanax dealers. Probably because it’s a trending drug or that law enforcement don’t seem to give it too much attention,” AlpaKing said in an interview.

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