Is It Too Late to Start Playing Fortnite Competitively?

What Is Fortnite?

I’m sure many of you heard about Fortnite. It’s a pvp shooter released in 2017 that gained insane traction extremely quick. Previously Playerunknown’s Battleground (PUBG) received the most attention because it made the battle royal game mode popular, which is where one hundred players drop into a single map and fight to the death, the last person alive is the winner.

While PUBG is still a very popular game, when Fortnite came out it dethroned PUBG because it introduced the new concept of being able to build on the go. This opened up a whole new world for players because it was no longer about just moving and shooting like every other FPS game, you now had to learn how to build and edit. Having the ability to instantly build cover anywhere changed the way you had to play which is the reason Fortnite is such a unique and awesome game.

Is it too late to start playing Fortnite competitvely?

Let’s answer the real question: Is it too late to start playing Fortnite competitively? A lot of you might be discouraged to start playing Fortnite casually just for the simple fact that the game has been out for three years and people had a lot of time to get good at the game. I had that fear as well but decided to try Fortnite anyway because I got bored of streaming GTA Online and most of my stream viewers also played Fortnite.

I’m not going to lie, the first few days of playing Fortnite were absolutely brutal. I had decent aim and movement but had absolutely no idea how to build or edit. After watching numerous youtube videos and tutorials on how to build, and practicing builds / edits in creative mode, in 25 days of playing I managed to get 5 solo wins. Here’s a clip of my favorite solo win after only four days of playing:

I also made it to division five in the arena placing me in the Contender league, meaning I can compete in cash tournaments. While I’m still nowhere close to the level of pro players like Ninja, my quick progress in proves that it’s never too late to start playing Fortnite, even in 2020.

This may sound ridiculous to some, but if you want to start playing Fortnite competitively you have to treat it like you would any other sport. Would you start playing a tennis match without warming up? Just like you practice shots in basketball you can practice various build moves and see improvement even after the first day.

Don’t let the fact that the game has been out for three years discourage you from picking it up. Don’t make excuses for yourself and just do it!