IPSX Token Sale Ended Successfully, with Demo Version of the Platform Coming Soon

Swiss-based exchange IPSX has announced the conclusion of its successful Token generation Event. The TGE, which began on February 28th, 2018, and ended on March 5, was selling the platform’s native IPSX Token, to further develop the project. Throughout the event, whitelisted participants were eligible to buy the IPSX tokens at the base price of 0.0000141 ETH.

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Nearly 50% of all the available tokens were sold, and IPSX was able to raise over 9,500 ETH, worth roughly 8 million USD at the time of writing.  The company are pleased with the result of the sale and believes that it bodes well for the future of the project. Following the TGE, IPSX announced the alpha launch of the platform (MVP) for sharing IP addresses.

IPSX is a pioneering, fully decentralized IP sharing start-up, based on blockchain technology, with a mission to meet the ever-increasing market demand for users and companies. The company plans to create a secure IP address marketplace and fully decentralized ecosystem.The end game is an environment that seamlessly and transparently provides entrepreneurs and developers with SDKs and API’s, to develop custom applications that require a large number of IP addresses. IPSX believe that this unique market functionality will give them a strong position in the future.

In terms of B2B, the IPSX IP market most greatly benefits Data Centers, VPN providers, and businesses that need extensive Data Acquisition. This is largely due to the increased flexibility and tool integration for SDK’s and API’s. Due to the sensitive nature of IP addresses IPSX has heavily focused on security it allows VPNs and Data Centers exchange IPs.

Solving VPR Issues

Currently, VPN providers encounter some problems, including, but not limited to: an IP address limitation, uneven geo-distribution of IP Addresses, possibly resulting in IP crowding, a lack of IP time usage options (most VPNs don’t provide the option to pay for as much as an IP is being used); clients are unable to provide feedback for the IP address;

As all of these issues hinder the quality of service, IPSX has developed their product with the express intention of solving them.

IPSX Will Offer VPN Providers Scalability

The IPSX platform aims to offer VPNs to provide customers with a premium, widely accessible service to match the very high level of demand for IP address needs worldwide. IPSX platform users will be able to pay for their IP usage time.

This opens up some options for users, who do not want to want to pay for an entire IP subscription for only a few minutes of IP address usage. The solution hopes to fix the issue of IP available for users and VPN providers. The IPSX platform registers all of its transactions through on the blockchain to guarantee that the service offers the highest level of security and transparency currently available.

The blockchain will keep a constant and unequivocal record of-of all registered users, IP addresses and the purpose of their use. The company will partner with VPN vendors worldwide to reach as many people as geographically possible.  The IPSX ecosystem will also enable Data Centers to share a full range of unused IPs to win real-time FIAT exchangeable IPSX tokens in a safe way. In regards to the collection of data, there are currently countless of companies that need Data Mining on Big Data, most of which specialize data acquisition and web scraping.

Tailor-Made Acquisition

IP addresses are needed in huge volumes by actors, which are involved in mining, to be able to scrape the data from different sources. IPSX addresses this specific need of the Data Mining industry and offers businesses the ability to rent large volumes of IP Addresses with plenty of usage options, such as:

  • IP addresses from different geolocations
  • Different IP address classes/host names
  • IP addresses with a specific speed
  • Different usage time for IP addresses (from 5 seconds, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year)
  • Accessing IP addresses via different protocols (Socks, Http)
  • Competitive pricing on IP address sharing based on all the above filters

To find out more, Visit the IPSX Website: https://ip.sx/