IPSX Secures Listings and Partnerships Shortly After Successful TGE

IPSX, the first blockchain powered IP address sharing platform, has continued to make rapid progress after its successful TGE back in March. Since then, several listings on exchanges as well as partnerships have been made. The demo version of IPSX’s MVP is available also, allowing interested users to test out what IPSX has envisioned for their platform.

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The TGE, which ended March 5th, so the platform raising approximately $8 million, with the steps since then focused on making the IPSX token available and accessible to investors and traders globally. Since than, IPSX has secured listing for their token on Qryptos as well as Bibox.

Exchange listing details

Qryptos is the first cryptocurrency exchange officially licensed by Japan Financial Services Agency. Bibox is an exchange with an average trading volume of $65,000,000, with offices in the US, Japan, Korea, and Estonia. As one of the leading AI Enhanced Encrypted Digital Asset Exchanges, CoinMarketCap ranks it as one of the top 30 exchanges worldwide.

Strategic partnership details

IPSX has also entered strategic partnerships with Data Center Luxembourg, a major colocation, cloud and connectivity service provider. IPSX’s ability to allow Data centers to share a full range of unused IP’s will allow Data Center Luxembourg, or any data center for that matter, to access unused IP’s in a secure environment, to boost revenue and cut costs.

The second partnership IPSX made shortly after Data Center Luxembourg was with Atonomi, a company whose focus on IoT compliments IPSX’s business structure well. Atonomi is providing a new security protocol and infrastructure to revolutionize the IoT field, enabling billions of IoT device to have trusted interoperability for both data and commerce.

While the two companies are confirmed to begin working together, the details of the partnerships are not concluded and sealed. With the two companies having intersecting markets (IoT devices have unused IP addresses) makes the partnership a natural thought, some more time will be needed before everything settles in the dust, according to George Bunea, CEO & Co-founder of IPSX. Regardless, IP Addresses are becoming more important in a world where more and more devices are connecting to the internet every day.

Importance of IP addresses

End to end consumers benefit from them by being able to improve privacy and security, access services or media restricted by geographical limitations, or to get around national or even corporate constraints.

Businesses need IP addresses for VPN applications, which they can use for themselves or sell to end consumers for a profit. Enterprises also utilize IP addresses for data mining, security layers, as well as other micro tasks.

The TOR project, with over 2.5 million daily users, shows the success of IP address sharing can garner already. IPSX improves on the TOR Project by introducing an economy, which will solve TOR’s bandwidth and speed problems, since TOR is ran entirely by volunteers.

IP Sharing targets a market worth over $60 billion, with a yearly growth rate of 16%. Rising demand for IP addresses from both end consumers and businesses combined with low supply of quality IP led to the original inception of IPSX back in July of 2017.

To visit their website, read their whitepaper, or check out their demo MVP, visit the appropriate links. To chat with the team, visit them on Telegram, Twitter, or Facebook. Blog posts are sent out through Medium.