Investors Show an Increased Appetite for Bitcoin Ahead of new CME Product Launch

Traditional banks continued to oppose cryptocurrencies not that long ago. Today, most of them are looking to get  a piece of the pie in this industry.

JPMorgan, for example, has completely changed its opinion on bitcoin.

CME Eyes Another Bitcoin Product

So much even that the company expects big things for the CME bitcoin Options Launch.

This further confirms how institutional interest in cryptocurrencies continues to increase.

It has not been an easy road for most companies bringing bitcoin to institutional traders.

Bakkt, the most prominent provider, has noted a very meek uptake since launching. 

JPMorgan sees more merit in CME, another company providing exposure to bitcoin through its futures contracts.

It is also the dominant product on regulated exchanges today.

The recent bitcoin price surge may have something to do with the increase in attention throughout 2020.

Whether the CME Bitcoin Options will attract similar interest, remains to be seen.

The launch of an extra product tied to cryptocurrency will always be somewhat risky.

Bitcoin and altcoins remain rather finicky, both in terms of pricing and overall investor appeal. 

More often than not, such a new product launch has catastrophic consequences for the bitcoin price.

Despite its proven track record, investors mainly want to short the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

In most of the cases, going against the grain is not the smartest financial decision.