Investors Main Problems could be Solved with This New ICO

The industry of video games is making an impact on the global market. With a huge recent growth of cryptocurrency it seems the profitable idea to use the gaming platforms from all over the world. Some developers are making the systems to combine players, developers, and investors in one place. However, the main problem is to create a service, where all of them could coexist, provide resources and gain profit.

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Game Machine products could solve the most important problems of the gaming industry. Such as low interest of players in buying in-game items. Recent scandals with microtransactions made players aware, that in-game purchases could be a burden. Players simply don’t want to pay for the virtual items with their hard-earned money.

Some big players in the industry already showing their interest in blockchain technologies. German video game developer Crytek is looking forward to implementing a similar system in their bestseller Warface. The main reason is that the developers could have their hands full when it comes to promoting the game. To attract a mass audience could be a very difficult task, as well as to convince players to buy the game. As for investors, analyzing the market for a worthy project could take a long time and a lot of resources.

It could boost every aspect of the industry

The creators of Game Machine are targeting all these problems with their products. The idea of the project is to unite gamers, developers, investors, and advertisers in one open ecosystem and to make the most of the blockchain technology. The endgame is to push the development of the industry and to improve quality of games overall.

Taras Dovgal, Game Machine CEO, said: “There are already some crypto-projects in the game industry. Each of them tries to solve only certain problems. We want to develop relationships between gamers, advertisers and investors. We are also taking into account in our tokenization scheme the needs of developers and constantly communicating with them.”

Game Machine is a tip of the spear

The team of Game Machine consists of great minds. Everyone offers new ideas and the whole team is very open for discussions. Of course, most of the team are gamers too. Right from the start, it was clear that it was not enough to give players the opportunity to mine. So the team discussed, studied and communicated with the best representatives from the industry.

Game Machine was started in March 2017. The team started with an investment of their own funds ($80,000) and dived right into studying the needs of the market. After a couple of months the team attracted additional $120,000 of pre-seed investments. It helped to start a development of Game Machine Client, which hit the Open Beta milestone a month ago. The client is a combination of a miner and a store of in-game items. There most popular games such as CS:GO, Dota 2, World of Tanks, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds are already placed on the platform.

Combination of Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Authority makes the Game Machine ecosystem protected from fraud. After the Token Sale, the team will concentrate on crowdfunding, game developers support and advertising.

Token Sale

Game Machine will run a Token Sale on December, 14. The bonus for investors is there right from the start: 15% for the 1st week; 10% for the 2nd week and 5% for the 3rd week. Tokensale participants will be able to invest in gaming projects on an early stage from 1 eth with access to the crowdfunding platform. For members who invested more than 3 eth Game Machine will offer the exclusive discounts on tokens from the platform. Investors with more than 10 eth can count on a percentage of all the tokens released.

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