Introducing Fluzcoin – A Retail Cryptocurrency Ready for Mass Adoption

At this moment in time, there are several technical difficulties that cryptocurrencies are facing, thus hindering their road to mass-adoption. These are speed, compliance, excess volatility, and cost. Fluzcoin represents an independent and participative retail coin, which aims to solve all these issues, while also creating an intelligent coin that is ready for being scaled towards mass adoption.  

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Excess volatility represents one of the main problems that cryptocurrencies face when being used as a day-to-day method of payment, as one never truly knows what their coins are worth.

In order to prevent this issue, Fluzcoin will introduce a self-correcting volatility system (currently awaiting patent approval). The system will use specified rules, alongside with AI-based algorithms to control supply and demand on the market. This will be achieved by having the system remove or add coins to the total supply, alongside other steering mechanisms. Additionally, this system will bring about other benefits as well, as it will allow holders to mine simply by holding the coins, without having to purchase hardware and install software.

In an effort to ensure a bright future, Fluzcoin will not be forever tied to the current technology. Rather, the coin leaves room for improvement, as blockchain tech continues to advance.

When it comes down to its main advantages, Fluzcoin can provide benefits to both merchants and consumers. With this in mind, merchants can take advantage of: no transaction costs; risk free granted its immutability protocol; consumer behavior analytics; convertibility into fiat; clear KYC regulations, and more. On the other hand, consumers can enjoy: possibility for smaller prices for products and services, as accepting Fluzcoin as a means of payment is free; earning a profit by simply holding the coin; appreciating rewards issued via Fluzcoin; non-speculative design, resilience to pump & dump schemes, and more.

Accoding to Stefan Krautwald, Chief Commercial Officer, dozens of merchants have actively approached Fluzcoin to build out a blockchain based means of payment ready for mass adoption.

Currently, the Fluzcoin team is busy preparing the Initial Coin Offering. For more details about Fluzcoin, feel free to access the website, and white paper.