How To Find and Hire The Best Candidates

Nearly 7 out of every 10 hiring managers struggle to fill in crucial positions and most of the time end up with a bad fit. And in 2018, 44% of all U.S. jobs saw employee turnover. But this isn’t necessarily the employers fault – the problem could originate deeper in the hiring process and may even be your hiring strategy. All companies in 2018, from companies with less than 10 people to large companies with over 250 people, saw difficulty hiring. Many companies use the same questions for each interview because many HR leaders only approve of ‘safe’ topics in interviews and anything deemed controversial can get the company in trouble. This kind of thinking and thus these questions have many flaws such as the questions are generic and don’t let you find who you are really looking for, they let people say answers that you want to hear instead of answers that actually help, and it can result in skewed results. HR managers say that this kind of interview process often fails to assess important soft skills, find character weaknesses, avoid interviewer bias, and fails to ask the right questions.


With these questions we can’t find what’s most important in employees such as cultural fit, talent, values, and we can’t even find out if they fill the company’s requirements due to how generic they are and how the applicants will just say what you want to hear. And having the right team for the job is very important, especially in businesses where a person who doesn’t belong can destroy the company from the inside out. Many companies are focusing to have a fostering community which can retain employees that really shouldn’t be there and can make the problem worse.


Find out which questions should be asked and are being answered on how to find and hire the best candidates below: