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InPay Introduces First Dual Blockchain Project For Ethereum Classic and Waves

In its bid to create a versatile and user-friendly cryptocurrency, InPay has introduced a dual blockchain which provides stability and flexibility and allows its holders to take advantage of both the Ethereum Classic and Waves platforms.

Aside the general advantages it offers such as an immutable blockchain, a large and growing community, and its making transactions fast and cheap, InPay holders will have access to the Ethereum Classic’s completely decentralised infrastructure, smart contracts and dapps allowed to develop many features on the platform and benefit from the security provided by a lot of mining power.

On the other hand, the Waves platform provides InPay holders with one of the options to trade the tokens into fiat, take advantage of the decentralised exchange built into the client – the simple official client that doesn’t require sync – thus making the addition of assets to the wallet easy.

As a result, there are InPay tokens for both platforms which are among the few cryptocurrencies that have attracted keen interest of late with a total supply of 10 million coins.

So far, InPay is still the only asset on ETC platform. Some of the contract features that InPay offers includes a voting system for token holders who will participate directly in the project’s development and make decisions about its future. The idea is to seek ways to avoid mistakes made by many crypto projects that has led to undesired consequences – an address would have at least 1000 tokens to vote and 5000 tokens to submit a proposal.

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The platform allows an alias system which lowers the bar even for beginners in cryptocurrencies who are not used to long wallet addresses to start using the project because it reduces confusion. To be created at a tiny cost, the alias is also useful for crowdfunding campaigns as short and memorable aliases can be picked for campaign wallets.

InPay also plans to release a web-based torrent client on blockchain where torrent files or whole trackers are impossible to block.

Though it was announced in October 2016, InPay’s development started in September after its InceptionCoin genesis block was mined in June of the same year. It is presently listed on several exchanges including EmpoEX, Yobit and Cryptopia. On 7 May 2017, InPay’s 24 hour trading volume was the highest on Cryptopia exchange.

The InPay Explorer has several sections including transactions, addresses, aliases, proposals and exchanges. The team has also developed a web-based wallet to avoid issues such as having to download the whole blockchain and sometimes less free space on hard drives as it is the case for several other platforms.

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