Innovative entrepreneur Marvin Steinberg, who revolutionized the German energy industry, is now leading blockchain’s white label solutions market

Most entrepreneurs believe that building successful companies always requires a lot of time, trial & error, and hustle. Marvin Steinberg’s story, which was recently featured in the Financial Times and Yahoo, is a shining example of why this isn’t always the case.

After suffering a serious knee injury that abruptly ended his promising sports career, Marvin Steinberg made a name for himself for creating a process that revolutionized the entire German energy industry.

He was the first to fully leverage the true potential of online marketing in a predominantly offline industry, well-known for using outdated strategies at the time.

Noticing this unique opportunity, Marvin Steinberg successfully combined his deep marketing knowledge with his innate desire to constantly innovate to build a revenue-generating engine that was able to produce significant extra profits in record time.

The key to this engine was his own “affiliate army,” numbering thousands of salespeople, busy knocking on doors, cold calling, cold emailing, and hustling – all under Mr. Steinberg’s guidance.

“I was really good on the phone and loved selling, but I realized that if I truly want to become #1, I couldn’t be doing the selling myself forever. So I built a network of salespeople who did it for me. Of course, there were affiliate opportunities before I came along, but I was the first one to use online marketing to find other sellers in huge numbers, and get them to join my team. That created huge leverage!” – Marvin Steinberg has said in an interview.

Unsurprisingly, this highly-effective salesforce quickly shattered every sales record, generating over 5,000 new contracts every single month, and millions of dollars of extra profit, compared to the traditional sales tactics that were dominant in the German energy sector. 

Conquering the Blockchain Industry

Soon after selling his company to an American multinational and making a successful exit, Marvin Steinberg, along with Maximilian Schmidt, a talented tech-wiz and veteran of developing BTC applications, founded CPI Technologies, an innovative software company in the blockchain sector.

Unsurprisingly, the power duo managed to achieve impressive results within just 2 years after founding the company, including:

  • 124% average yearly sales increase with custom marketing campaigns
  • 23+ Successfully completed high-value projects just last year
  • 420% average visitor increase for traffic campaigns
  • $100k+/month average profit increase for its clients

There are 2 key reasons why CPI Tech became so successful so quickly.

The first one is that, unlike traditional software companies, it not only builds rock-solid software with great UX, but also optimizes them for profitability, producing a significant ROI for its clients within the first 3 months – but often within just a few days!

The second reason is that Marvin Steinberg only works with companies who truly want to change the world for the better, and this integrity ensures that the result will be something end-users will actually want and love. 

This is also the reason why CPI Tech focuses exclusively on Security Token Offerings (STOs) instead of Initial Coin Offerings (a far riskier and easier to scam business model).

Becoming a Global Leader in Record Time

Today, Marvin Steinberg and CPI Tech are global leaders in providing full white-label STO services to ambitious companies. 

CPI is the first Blockchain Growth Promoter and Business Facilitator that helps companies sell more products with STO crowdsales. In fact, one of CPI Tech’s latest STO projects is the Times Square Token, an ambitious $700M undertaking that aims to “tokenize” a part of Times Square itself with the power of the Blockchain, empowering anyone to invest in real estate (along with all its perks), regardless of their background, geographic location, or financial situation. 

CPI was able to seal this major deal because of the suite of services it provides, which include: 

  • The Exchange Platform Itself
  • STO Advisory Services
  • Token Sale Dashboard
  • Venture Tokenization
  • Project Image Cultivation
  • Full Legal Support
  • Double-entry Bookkeeping
  • Sales & Payment Systems
  • Full-Stack Marketing
  • Fully Scalable Software

However, this is just the start.

As the crypto market is growing at an incredible rate (expected to hit $1 trillion by the end of 2019), more and more companies are scrambling to get on the action. However, CPI Tech and Marvin Steinberg believe that blockchain technology and STOs can enable great benefits for fundraising by delivering factors that are not achievable with traditional finance. 

And this is exactly what fuels Marvin Steinberg’s desire for innovative entrepreneurship: to be in the vanguard of revolutionizing key industries, just like he did with the energy sector in Germany – only now, on a global scale.

Steve Jobs once said, ‘You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards’. Marvin Steinberg’s story is indeed a classic illustration of that. 

Can an STO help you grow your business?

Marvin is exerting the effort it takes to spread awareness about security tokens so that ventures can bypass the fees and hurdles of traditional finance and raise their growth capital through security tokens. 

However, much of the media hype blockchain news receives it driven towards ICO lists. As the space has evolved, interest has shifted towards IEO lists. However, reality remains that utility token sales carry risks for investors as they are unregulated. Thus, Marvin Steinberg asserts that established enterprises and high-quality startups stand to benefit by seeking security token sales. Thus, he is hard at work, trying to educate people about security tokens so that their interest can be diverted to STOs

As the demand for STOs is increasing, CPI Tech has developed a 2-minute STO quiz that, once completed, reveals whether starting an STO can help companies secure more funding and grow their business, without the hassle of traditional fundraising. Such simple awareness tools are the key to growing the blockchain and STO space.