Indacoin Makes Buying Bitcoin Very Easy In Over 200 Countries

Buying Bitcoin remains one of the biggest hurdles for mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. A lot of people remain mystified by the process, and some even worry over completing any KYC procedures involving identity verification. Indacoin solves a lot of these problems, as they let customers in 200 countries buy Bitcoin without registering an account. Moreover, the company supports a broad range of payment methods.

Indacoin Makes Buying Bitcoin A Breeze

The convenience brought to the table by Indacoin cannot be denied. With an inviting website that doesn’t present any unnecessary information, the company makes their objectives very clear. People who want to buy Bitcoin should not go through pages of text before starting this process, and Indacoin readily acknowledges the need for more simplified services.

With their services being available in more than 200 countries around the world, Indacoin can accommodate the needs of customers in nearly every corner of the planet. Not only does this mean that those users will not have to create an Indacoin account, but it also allows them to use convenient local payment options to purchase Bitcoin.

Speaking of the supported payment options, Indacoin is one of the few platforms actively supporting credit and debit cards. Other platforms offer similar functionality, but usually only in one or two markets, due to regulations. Indacoin provides this feature in over 200 countries around the world, making them the clear market leader in this regard.

One has to keep in mind that there will be a transaction limit in place for these types of purchases, though. Payment cards being used for the first time will have to deal with a smaller purchase limit. Additional purchases can be made at predetermined intervals, each of which will be subject to a higher purchase limit.

While Indacoin does not require users to sign up for an account, they will ask for an email address and mobile phone number. The mobile number is necessary, as it will be used to verify that the user is the official card holder. Entering a phone number not on record with the bank may cause delays in processing the order.

Speaking of completing orders, the vast majority of Indacoin purchases are completed within 10-15 minutes. That is quite an accomplishment, and it will guarantee that clients receive the exact amount of Bitcoin they aim to buy. Such a short waiting time makes buying Bitcoin at Indacoin faster than going to the grocery store.

All things considered, this process is far simpler compared to dealing with other exchanges. There is no need to use bank transfers, which take days to complete. Moreover, paying with a credit or debit card is far more convenient, and Indacoin supports those in over 200 countries. Indacoin illustrates how lowering the barriers to entry into the Bitcoin world is direly needed. Exchanges have a responsibility in that regard, and Indacoin is leading by example.