Imogen Heap Talks Blockchain at TechCrunch Disrupt in London

The blockchain has already begun transforming the global financial landscape and many other industries are on the verge of being massively disrupted by this new technology. Imogen Heap, Grammy award-winning British musician and inventor of the Mi.Mu musical gloves, recently spoke at the TechCrunch Disrupt event in London regarding her views on the applications of the blockhain in the music business.

Heap envisions that blockchain technology will usher in a revolution in the music industry that will essentially cut out a lot of the financial bureaucracy, which eats away at the profits of the artists, “It’s all about cutting out the middlemen” she said.

Imogen Heap recently made headlines when she released her new single Tiny Human, and all of the data surrounding the new track, on the Ethereum blockchain. The song release was done with a great amount of fanfare at a special Guardian Live event.

During her TechCrunch interview, Heap called for a “fair trade” music industry that will empower the artist and help them become better entrepreneurs.

“It is the ability for the artist to have the control, and the say, in what they do with their music at large.”


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