Human Touch Data Transfer Technology was Just Unveiled by Panasonic

Panasonic unveiled a brand new prototype at Wednesday’s CEATEC trade show in Japan.

Panasonics newest idea, a sort of human touch data transfer device, uses the latest in electric-field communication technology. The details on Panasonic’s latest device are being heavily guarded, and the company is going to great lengths to keep the break-through technology a secret.

“Just by shaking hands, the color information has traveled from this watch, through our handshake, and into her dress to change the color,” A Panasonic spokeswoman said at the trade show.

Her remarks are toward a demonstration Panasonic displayed at the event in Japan. Two women, outfitted with the device, simply shook hands, and one woman’s dress was immediately changing colors. The device enabled data to travel from woman A, to woman B; who was wearing the dress.

Panasonic wants to achieve the possibility of authentication and communication through the body’s everyday movements. What this means is that if you are wearing the device, you would have the ability to control a computer or anything else that uses the watch’s technology.

Panasonic has already given the technology the label of being able to safely transmit data initiating data transfers only through physical contact instead of  using airwaves such as Wifi or Bluetooth which can be intercepted. Panasonic also stated its hope that this new technology has the possibilities to replace keys and cards for such things as entering electronically secure doors.

The question is, what is going to stop hackers from manipulating the new technology to benefit them? What is going to stop someone from bumping into you and initiating the lightning fast data swap for something malicious, or if nothing else, to simply collect mass amounts of data every day and use it for their own gain. Since there is still little known in the way of Panasonics newest human contact data transfer technology, these questions are still unanswered. Panasonic has however, reassured that before its official release, we will have our answers and much more.

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