How You Can Get Leads of Cryptoinvestors with Snovio

As we all witness, the golden age of ICO is here and now. So many companies run their initial coin offerings, and countless investors, both small and big, invest in a lot of ICOs at a time.

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While we develop our product and promote the Snovio’s ICO, we understand how important is to find investors that will support the coin offering. As you know, it’s quite easy to find contacts of companies who actually run ICOs, but it’s not that simple to get leads of potential cryptoinvestors.

Fortunately, solves this problem by itself. It’s a pure pleasure that Snovio is not just a whitepaper, or something that is in development – this tool is on the market for less than a year, and we already have thousands of users. So as you probably understood, Snovio is an active and working tool – the tool to source leads from the web, verify them and easily manage. Long story short, if you have – you have leads. How awesome is that?

Let’s get back to the quite interesting question, that many companies are bothered with – how to actually find and extract leads of potential cryptoinvestors? As you see, it’s not a general category for targeting, like marketers or teachers, and it’s not that obvious where to search for such leads and how to finally get their contact details, or at least an email address. But don’t be sad – be awesome instead, we’ll tell you how to find and get them below!

First off, let’s see few ways of how you can use leads (I mean contact info as email address, for example) of cryptoinvestors in your ICO campaigns:

  1. To invite them to Pre-Sale – that’s the most interesting and valuable way to use such leads. You can easily create an email campaign with an invitation to your ICO, or cold-email them manually with more private emails. In any way you will drive attention to your ICO and there’s a big chance that they will participate in a pre-sale after such a private invitation.
  2. To invite targeted people to your Crowdsale – when your pre-sale is finished, and you have decent proofs, you can use such leads to invite them to your crowdsale. The best part is that you already have numbers and proofs after your pre-sale. By sending a campaign to numerous cryptoinvestors there’s a big chance you grab their attention with your crowdsale.
  3. To spread the word about your ICO – if you reach such targeted leads of cryptoinvestors with a non-financial offer (you don’t ask them to invest directly), there are many chances to grab their attention with different offers. You can ask them for advice, or to share your announcements or articles. Basically your imagination is the limit, and probably you can get even more results if you don’t ask them to invest, but to support you the different way. This is how you can get strategic partners, friends, publications in specific media, and more.

Now when we are clear with what we need leads and emails of potential cryptoinvestors for, let’s proceed to the most interesting part of the article. Now we will discuss and show you few methods of how you can actually find and extract these leads.

Snovio searches for leads via few different channels, which are the following:

  • Websites – by list of domain names, or by visiting the websites in a semi-automatic way.
  • Social Networks – by finding emails of profiles on social netorks
  • Built-in Database – the database of 800,000 leads that is available at

Before we start, it’s important to say, that tries to enrich all found leads, and for such channels as Social Networks and Built-in Database, leads are provided with additional information – names, surnames, companies, positions, profile pictures, and sometimes even phone numbers.

Method 1 – sourcing emails from Social Networks

This method is a pure goldmine for marketers, sales, HRs and other niches. In our case we need to find ICO-related people, preferably investors, and get them as leads. This means we will extract their email address.

Social Network method starts with the plugin installation. You need to install Snovio Chrome Plugin, that will allow you to extract leads from social profiles and websites.

When the plugin is installed, proceed to Linkedin and go to Search in the top left corner. We are interested in ICO-related people, so we will use such keywords as ICO Investor (850 people), Crypto Investor (1900 people), ICO consultant (4300 people), ICO (6600 people), Blockchain (68000 people) and similar. Your imagination and bright mind is the only limits here – think of more keywords, thus enlarging your potential audience.

When you search parameters are set up (don’t forget about geo-targeting and other criteria), just click on the Snovio plugin’s icon and it will show you people from this page, so now snovio an ind their email.

Method 2 – extracting email contacts from websites

Snovio plugin allows to find prospects  from visited websites in a semi-automatic mode. This means you need to visit websites and Snovio will find all found contacts in a background mode.

To source leads of potential cryptoinvestors, you need to visit websites that are related to this topic. The easiest way is to start with Google – search for such keywords as “ICO lists, ICO investors, ICO forums, ICO blogs, Blockchain investors, Blockchain discussion, ICO consultants, etc”. Again, your imagination is the limit.

After these searches, you will have a decent list of websites. Just visit them with the enabled Snovio plugin, go to various pages on each domain, and Snovio will do the job automatically in the background mode.

As in previous method, all the found and extracted methods will be transferred to your list in Snovio account.

Method 3 – getting leads from a built-in database at Snovio

This method is simple and easy, all you need to do is login into your Snovio account, then go to SnovioTools at the top and choose Prospect Profile Search.

There you will find several fields that you can fill in with the targeting information, but the most important one is Industry. As the ICO-industry is quite new and emerging, just choose the one that feel closest to it. For example Investment Banking, Investment Management, Security & Network Security, International Trade, etc.

When your search criteria is all set up, you will see a generated list of leads that are available for use. You can save them to a separate list and manage them in your account directly.

That’s all folks, you are ready to go and extract your leads

As you can see it’s quite easy to get email addresses and other information of potential leads. Snovio is here to help, and it does it well. The last advice is the following – use specific targeting to keep your found and extracted leads as relevant as possible, and don’t spam them (stay wise and send smart and personalized campaigns). Have a great day, and go get some leads!