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How To Use Bitcoin Derivative Exchange Data For Trading And Price Prediction

Cryptocurrency traders don’t just enter the market and make investments because their emotions are pumped up or because the general sentiment on the market is high. They judge the market through metrics, data and charts and determine when to enter or exit a trade. This is what’s called Bitcoin Derivative Exchange Data platforms. These platforms also help traders make price predictions on different crypto projects, just by interpreting the data shown on multiple metrics.

Introducing: WhalePortal

Various forms of information regarding the Bitcoin market can be found on Whaleportal, a Cryptocurrency Trading Dashboard for trading Bitcoin futures. Information such as the financing rates for bitcoin, the fear and greed index for cryptocurrencies, the Taker buy/sell ratio, and many others are displayed.  The Whaleportal dashboard is particularly designed for Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) traders to use and follow what’s happening behind the scene in the market. 


WhalePortal is wholesome, it’s like having everything you need as a trader under one platform, you don’t need to leave a platform inorder to check or study the activities on a particular metrics.

Metrics Available

  • Funding Rates

The purpose of the cryptocurrency funding rates is to maintain a balance between the number of long and short traders. We may use this measure into our trading approach because financing rates are a fantastic indicator of traders’ sentiment. An extreme funding rate reading frequently denotes caution in the opposite direction.

  • Open Interest

Open interest is simply the amount of funds that are in a contract currently i.e. once you open a contract then as long as that contract remains open it will be counted as open interest. This particular metric is used to show how much contracts there are that still needed to be settled. This indicator is used by traders to identify trends’ underlying momentum and potential trend reversals.

  • Exchange Balance

The total quantity of Bitcoins stored on exchanges is known as the Bitcoin Balance on Exchanges. To find out the balance on the main exchanges, the wallets of various exchanges are being monitored closely. The underlying behavior of investors and traders can be clearly displayed by this statistic.


Whaleportal makes this balance of Bitcoin on exchanges available to assist us in estimating the possible selling or buying pressure for Bitcoin as it moves either in or out of exchanges.

  • Fear and Greed Index

Another major tool on Whaleportal is The Crypto Fear and Greed Index, which is simply a sentiment indicator. This tool informs you whether the current sentiment in the crypto markets is very positive or negative instead. Fear and Greed Index gathers information from many sources such as social media behavior, the Bitcoin dominance, volatility, momentum and the price trend. 

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Remember, The crypto market is full of emotions due to its volatile nature and that’s what this tool reveals (general traders emotions). Investors often buy when the price is rising (FOMO) and sell whenever the price is going down (Panic), showing when traders are greedy or in fear. 

  • Taker Buy/sell Ratio

There are two categories of buyers and sellers in markets. Either a trader buys or sells immediately at the best price on the market (Taker), or they buy or sell using limit orders (Maker). In this statistic, the Taker volume in relation to the total volume is the only thing that’s being considered. In essence, it can show us plainly whether traders are willing to buy Bitcoin at a higher price target or sell it at a lower price. This is a useful indicator provided on the Whaleportal platform that demonstrates where the selling pressure is currently.

  • Whale Metrics

These Bitcoin charts here help to show the behavior of the top 300 largest wallets (excluding exchange wallets). Some display the combined wallets of whales with a solid history of “buying the dip,” while others display OG wallets (Whales who have invested 2017 or earlier). This particular data tool ought to provide an overview of the behavior of the top 300 whale wallets, whether they’re buying, selling, holding or transfering massive numbers of tokens. This is important in understanding where the money is moving to and as well where it’s leaving. 


The Whale Metrics is so rich, it shows tracking data on OG wallets, Whale wallets that bought 2018/2019 and July 2021 dip, Top crypto exchange whale wallet, MicroStrategy BTC wallet and many more.

Why Choose WhalePortal?

  • Amazing User Interface/Navigation

WhalePortal is particularly unique due to its easy user interface that makes navigation across the platform easy. The design is not cumbersome.

  • Accurate Data Presentation

Information on WhalePortal’s platform is detailed enough with the right and accurate Data represented well. 

  • Multi-Purpose System

One of the major reasons to use WhalePortal is because it solves the need of navigating from one platform to the other while doing your research. The platform has literally everything needed for a trader to make his judgements on the market.

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