How to recover your bitcoins from using electrum

How to export your private keys from and move the balance to any address using electrum

The Problem is a popular online bitcoin wallet provider. It’s name often confuses new bitcoiners into believing that is the blockchain ledger. As an online wallet service provider the company must keep a database of their customer’s wallet identifiers and hashed passwords along with wallet balances. Recently went down for maintenance for about 14 hours on October 26th.

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Due to the recent DDOS attempts on the bitcoin network it seems that the wallet balances in the database might have fallen out of sync with the actual wallet balances on the bitcoin network. As a result users are getting the following errors when trying to send bitcoins from their wallets:

Non-canonical signature: High S Value

An outpoint is already spent in [xxxxxxxxxx]

Prev out is already spent DBOutput has issued the following statement in regards to their ongoing wallet issues:

We are aware that users are experiencing some or all of the following issues:
Wallets displaying improper balances
The inability to send funds
“Maximum concurrent requests” errors
Expired authorization emails
Other errors related to these issues

We want to let you know that we’re working on these issues, but have no estimate as to when they will be resolved. We’re deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing you, and thank you for your patience with this matter.

The Solution

Thankfully, allows you to export your private keys. Using electrum – a lightweight wallet – you can sweep the private keys from your wallet and get the correct balances on your electrum wallet and successfully remove your bitcoins from the service. Here is how to get the private keys from your blockchain wallet:

  • login to your wallet


  • navigate to the import/export tab


  • Then click I understand when the Advanced Warning dialog box comes up


  • Select the Export Unencrypted tab
  • From the dropdown menu select the Bitcoin-Qt Format for your private keys

In the above pictures the private keys are highlighted in red and their corresponding addresses which are on the same line are highlighted in green. We are going to copy those private keys (highlighted in red) and sweep them free of coins using our electrum client. If you haven’t already, download and install the electrum wallet from

After setting up your electrum wallet navigate to Wallet -> Private Keys -> Sweep


You will be greeted with a window which will let you copy your private keys. Copy the private keys from and paste them one at a time on a new line like so:

NOTE: The mouse cursor may turn into a stop sign when hovering or trying to highlight the private key. Simply ignore that and treat it like a regular mouse cursor, it is simply a protection against cyber attackers.


IMPORTANT: The address highlighted in red is the address where all the coins will be sent to, make sure it is an address which is in YOUR control.


Lastly, on the Transaction dialog confirm one last time that the address highlighted in green is in fact the address that you want the coins sent to. If all checks out click broadcast and you should receive a confirmation and any coins that were left on those addresses on in your blockchain wallet are now on your wallet of choice.


If you are having issues spending bitcoins from your blockchain wallet, the balance on your wallet page keeps acting up or showing negative, or you can’t spend bitcoins from a certain address sweeping the private keys to a fresh wallet is a sure way to fix any database related issues that may be experiencing.

We have not confirmed what the exact cause of the recent maintenance was, but we reached out to for a response. We hope this article helped you if you were having issues with your wallet.

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