How to rebroadcast a Bitcoin transaction using’s pushtx feature

Sometimes, due to one reason or another a transaction will get stuck when using your Electrum client. Either due to a bad internet connection or to an outdated client a transaction may not propagate through the bitcoin network causing coins to seemingly disappear. If you have an outdated Electrum client and you try to spend some bitcoins, a transaction may form with no issues and display on your electrum dashboard, but a block explorer like or will not find the transaction. This tutorial will guide you on how to fetch the raw transaction data from electrum, and using’s pushtx feature rebroadcast the transaction for all the bitcoin nodes to pickup.

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Fetching the raw hex of the transaction

The easiest way to retrieve the hex value for a bitcoin transaction using electrum is to right click on transaction under the history tab.


When the window pops up click Save.

Save the .txn file and open it with notepad. You should see the following


“hex”: “…..”
“complete: true


Copy the numbers between the quotation marks to the right of hex. We will use this value and submit it to blockchain’s pushtx for rebroadcasting.

Submitting transaction for rebroadcasting

Navigate to

Paste the hex value into the text field and hit submit transaction! That is it, you are done.

If your transaction was indeed stuck because of poor propagation, you should be able to see it on the block explorers and If you receive a message like High S Value then you might need to make sure that your electrum client is up to date. If you find that you have an outdated client consider saving the wallet’s seed by going to Wallet -> Seed. Then downloading the new version of electrum, and finally restoring a new wallet using the new client using the seed that you stored.

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