How to get your money back from Igot

Igot is an Australian based Bitcoin exchange, if you haven’t heard of it by now then there is only one thing you need to do, stay as far away as possible from that service. The exchange has seen more complaints from users whose funds were held hostage than any other service in the Bitcoin ecosystem. We first wrote an interview with the owner of igot when problems started to arise back in February. Interestingly enough, before the interview we had an article written about why you should stay away from iGot like the plague. However, the owner decided to contact us and assured us that all the customer’s complaints have been taken care of and asked us to remove our original article. We acted in good faith and removed our previous igot warning article, realizing that was a big mistake.

rick day igot scam

Rick Day Igot Owner

While igot maybe have processed some legitemate transactions with a few customers, there are way too many complaints about the exchange from people on reddit and the bitcointalk forum. The main issue that users face is getting money out of the exchange once they make an ACH or a wire transfer to the exchange’s bank account. While many have complained on reddit without a resolution, one user in particular seems to have figured out a way you can get your money back from igot.


According to rhyno116 from r/Bitcoin, by contacting the South Australian Consumar Affairs he was able to get Rick Day (the owner of the exchange) to turn over the funds he was holding hostage. Funnily enough, Rick Day claimed that the user didn’t read the terms of service so he wasn’t eligible for a refund, but the mighty power of a Federal Agency will scare even the sleaziest scammers to turn straight. Here are the exact steps as described by rhyno116:


  1. Leave a message on CBSSA website for them to contact you by a mobile phone call They’ll call on a private number so make sure you answer those types of calls during this period.
  2. They’ll call you. Explain what is happening and they’ll ask for your email address to send you some forms to fill out and send in to them.
  3. Later on another person (case officer) will eventually call you (was a couple of weeks for me) to talk more once they have received your forms of complaint.
  4. They’ll send court action legal threat for Rick Day to respond. Rick will respond and they will give him a timeframe (1 week for me) to refund my money.

and some pointers:

  • Say you have purchased an INVESTMENT (Bitcoin) and they are REFUSING to provide you with that INVESTMENT by not releasing your bitcoin into your online wallet. They are outright refusing to cooperate.
  • Ask for a refund for the real money (not the Bitcoin). You don’t want his product or investment because its not real, its a con. Its a scheme. Its doesn’t exist. You want your money back for false goods that never existed.
  • Remember to file a complaint against 13th Pty Ltd. They are the company (not igot , which is the website) get their details from “ABN search” if need be.

If you have money tied up with igot contact CBSSA and get back your Bitcoins now! Thanks to the CBSSA there is someone you can complain to and there is a way to get justice.

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