How to get Bitcoins fast in under an hour

How to get bitcoins

If you recently heard about Bitcoin and would like to start using it today, you have come to the right place! This guide will show you how to get bitcoins in under an hour.

First, sign up at LocalBitcoins which is a website similar to craigslist that allows users to post buy and sell offers for bitcoins. Unlike Craigslist, Localbitcoins also acts as an escrow for transactions, hence reducing the risk of fraud.

how to convert paypal to bitcoin easily and free

Next, navigate to this link which will show all the sellers who are currently accepting cash deposits as a form of payment. If you look at the price / btc you will see that the listings charge only about 3%-4% markup on the price of btc. That is one of the lowest rates you can get on localbitcoins, as other online payments like paypal to bitcoin  have atleast a 10% markup. The reason cash deposits are so cheap is because the buyer can almost never reverse them, that reduces the risk of fraud to the seller thus they are able to offer such low prices; meaning that you can get bitcoins cheaply and almost instantly once you make the deposit.

Next, choose a seller who has high feedback and who was recently active. You can check a user’s last activity by hovering over the circle next to their name.

convert paypal to bitcoin using localbitcoins

Navigate to their profile and verify that the seller has good feedback, has been recently active, and has little to no Blocks (people who blocked the seller).

Next, go to the ad page and put in the amount of bitcoins you would like to buy, keep in mind sellers usually have trade limits which are specified on the listing. Once you choose the amount click the send trade request and wait for the seller to respond. For most cash deposits you will have to take a clear picture of the receipt which should have the bank logo, last 4 of account number, deposit amount and date. Once you send the picture of the receipt to the seller and he confirms it, he will release the escrow which will add coins to your wallet.

NOTE: When doing cash deposits make sure to go through the escrow system that offers. By circumventing escrow you will have a much greater chance of getting scammed and loosing money.

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  • cwick

    no offense guys, but the ‘how to get btc’s in under an hr’ article & the process described is insane….for God’s sake…use circle. take ya about half hr and thats mostly verification time….sheesh!

    • Circle imposes all kinds of limits, also you have to trust a company to store your personal information. This way is much faster and safer. You still might have to provide ID but at least it isn’t going to be stored on a database.

      • cwick

        hey guys…wellll, 4me personally (and the avg. btc user who owns under $50 in btc) i still prefer circle…my $ is safe with them, theyre based in US, i dont have to goto the bank, deal with any receipts, wait for a seller to meet my price, etc., etc. i just goto it, click buy (obv at current price), and wait about 15 minutes on my couch while i watch sportscenter, lol….but yes, your way works too… 😉

        • Yep I agree for small amounts you should even try changetip as they seem to have a pretty fast system of buying btc. I am talking for those people looking to buy a few thousand in order to invest in bitcoin or use it for trading. For example, if you wanted to buy bitcoin now and be able to make money from this price increase using circle will take a day or 2 to get your identity confirmed.

  • fav

    you should probably mention coinbase too, since localbitcoin is not available in every country.

    • Coinbase is a great option for buying and selling bitcoin but this article aims to explain a way to get any amount of btc almost instantly, without waiting for hours or days for KYC / AML verification.

      • Kevin Craig

        I liked Coinbase for the time that I was using them but one day out of the blue they closed my account, and to this day I still cannot get my bitcoins from them.