How the First Blockchain Art Award Can Paint a Brighter Picture for Open Creation

Who would have thought that with the emergence of blockchain technology would come fame, recognition, and awards? Well, the art world has long been issuing awards to support freedom of expression and creation. However, the problem with many of these awards it that they are voted on by an exclusive committee, presenting potential conflicts of interest and/or controversial judgments.

It’s time to brush away the conflicts and controversy, and once again open the art palette to a neutral and open channel for recognition.

What is the Award?

Shying away from the traditional and centralized approach of earning recognition from an established reputation, market acceptance, or the biased opinion of whatever committee is doing the judging, blockchain tech presents an open and decentralized way of providing exposure and market acceptance to up-and-coming artists.

FRESCO is the world’s first blockchain art digital asset network. Operating on Elasto’s system, FRESCO provides for liquidation, promotion, and provenance of artworks on a global scale. Better yet, this network welcomes new and upcoming artists with open arms and palettes!

Elasto’s system prevents digital content and user privacy from being compromised, leaked, or stolen. That is vital to fixing the art industry’s biggest issue—fraud. By utilizing a blockchain, authenticity certificates or warrants can be issued for digital content to help ensure that property rights and transactions are protected and secure.

Most recently, FRESCO announced its partnership with Elasto in an effort to discover talented artists in the most unconventional, decentralized way yet.

How Can New Artists Be Recognized On A Global Scale?

In order for an artist to be recognized under this system, the artist needs to truly educate and spread awareness to the average consumer. Specifically, they must do all five of the following:

1. Create an artwork or series of artworks that involve the blockchain space

The most important part of the blockchain and cryptocurrency phenomenon is education. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals and entities out there claiming to have ‘the next best’ solution, but many provide little to no details about their company, the currency, or the space.

Thus, Fresco believes it’s vital to demonstrate proof that these creative works discuss cryptocurrency, blockchain, FRESCO, Elastos, and its impact on consumers.

2. Utilize social media platforms to document the artwork’s creation process 

Promoting education and awareness is done primarily through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, other blogging platforms like Medium and WordPress are also favorable when it comes to attracting viewership. It’s important for consumers to dissect articles that explain the creation process and the artwork itself; otherwise, it’s just fluff.

The bigger the buzz (likes, follows, comments, shares), the better.

3. Showcase the artwork during the award selection phase

In order for the social media content to be distributed and shared on a massive, global scale, this platform requires that the artist use the #FRESCOArtAward hashtag after each post, ensuring that each tagged post directly relates to the artwork or creation process. Anyone utilizing the tag for anything but this process will be disqualified.

4. Have greater than 0.1 ELA tokens in ELA Wallet and greater than 0.1 FRESCO tokens in an ERC-20 Wallet

5. Show proof of passing the FRESCO Art Test


By opening up a truly unique but fair competition, the art world could see a massive reduction in fraud, and an equally massive increase in creation, recognition, and most importantly, trust.