How Gource Can Bring Additional Respect To GitHub Projects

Most people are well aware of how cryptocurrency development is taking place around the clock, yet not all of these efforts are given the recognition they deserve. A recent video has surfaced detailing the Go Ethereum development history in a visual format. Although this is nothing spectacular, it is quite fun to watch for sure.

Visualizing GitHub Coding Progress

TheMerkle_GitHub visualization Gource

It is always nice to see the sheer amount of work put into a project by developers on GitHub. Even though everyone can read the coding history and commits, very few people take a closer look at the work put in by developers all over the world. A new Youtube video has surfaced which shows the GitHub input by developers in a compelling video format.

Rather than just creating an excellent video, this visualization also shows how much work is being put into the Ethereum Go project. Moreover, there are certain relations between various aspects of the Ethereum Go project and the video displays how all of these things link together. Creating such a project takes a lot of work, time, and effort, and it is nice to see this in a time lapse video for a change.

It is not hard to visualize the coding process for a particular GitHub project, though. The software used for this video is called Gource, and can be utilized by any developers all over the world. In fact, the software is completely free of charge to use and was designed specifically for the GitHub ecosystem.

It would be great to see more of these videos come to fruition in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Developers hardly ever get the credit they deserve for building working projects, and the Gource software solution is something to keep an eye on. Although Gource is still under active development, the current version is ready to be used by anyone who wants to explore it.

Moreover, this small video will bring more positive attention to the Ethereum Go project, which can only be beneficial to the overall Ethereum ecosystem. Using Gource could help with the development of Bitcoin Core as well, in the long run, just to show people how much work it takes to keep this ecosystem running and bring additional improvements to the table.

Source: Youtube

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