Houston Bitcoin Embassy Open For Business

Having a Bitcoin Embassy is your city or country opens the door for many new possibilities. Not only is it a clear sign that you are pushing Bitcoin awareness and adoption in your region, but it will also serve as a meeting place for like-minded Bitcoin enthusiasts. One of the latest locations to have its very own Bitcoin Embassy is Houston, Texas, USA.

Cryptospaces – Location Services Backed By FinalHash

Creating the concept of a Bitcoin Embassy is one thing, but finding a location to “host” it is a whole different matter. Not so difficult in the city of Houston, however, thanks to the services provided by Cryptospaces – a company backed by Bitcoin consulting firm FinalHash. As a result, the Houston Bitcoin Embassy will serve multiple purposes.

Not only will the building – which is located at 6907 Almeida Rd. – be home of the Houston Bitcoin Embassy, but it will also serve as an incubator/coworking space dedicated to technology start-up companies. But that is not all, as plans are set in motion to install a Bitcoin ATM at this location in the near future.

On top of that, the Houston Bitcoin Embassy is also the home of Texas Coinitiative, a non-profit organization focusing on promoting Bitcoin in the state of Texas. Among its members are all kinds of people: students, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, traders and innovators, all of which working together to shape the future of Bitcoin in Texas.

Texas Coinitiative is a very busy group of people who hold regular meetings. – at least once a week, In fact, one of their most recent meetups focused on the Ethereum project, which will become a returning meetup on the agenda from now on. Bitcoin entrepreneurs have their “own” weekly meetup as well, called “Houston Bit Business.”

The Road Ahead

In order to make the Houston Bitcoin Embassy even more attractive, the Texas Coinitiative team will stay the current course. Speakers will be invited on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and anyone is welcome to present a topic of their choice. Some of the recent speakers at the Texas Coinitiative meetups include Peter Todd, Bob Wilkins, and Nick Sullivan.

Future plans are also set in motion as we speak, such as spearheading an educational campaign on Bitcoin. Bitcoin education remains a tough challenge for Bitcoin enthusiasts around the world, and even though there are different ideas out there already, we just haven’t “clicked” with the everyday consumer just yet. But in order to accomplish all of that, Texas Coinitiative will need the help of sponsors.

“The help from sponsors will be used for anything from food and drinks for events to printing of educational materials; all for the purpose of education and inspiring others to become more involved in the Houston Bitcoin ecosystem. We want to put Houston on the map in the Bitcoin space. Houston has a lot going on that people don’t realize. There are currently 12 local Bitcoin startups in the city.”

  • Adam Richard, President & Co-Founder of Texas Coinitiative

Source: http://texascoinitiative.com/

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