Holo Price Faces a Crucial Struggle at 27 Satoshi

As most of the crypto markets are slowly turning bullish again, there is some room for cautious optimism. The Holo price is still under a bit of pressure right now, although that is to be expected at this stage. The new development roadmap shared with the community may effectively help this situation around pretty soon.

Holo Price Tries to get Past the Hump

Under the current market conditions, it will be somewhat challenging for alternative markets to regain their lost value in quick succession. Although some altcoins are moving up very swiftly, others try to take a slow and steady approach. Holo falls into the latter category as of right now, as its overall value is still in the red right now. That situation may not necessarily remain in place for much longer, though.

Over the past 24 hours, the Holo price has lost 1.6% in both USD and BTC value. There is also a 2.4% decrease in HOT/ETH, which is perhaps a bigger hurdle to overcome in the next few hours. While this decrease is a bit problematic, it seems unlikely the Holo price will drop below $0.001 later today. The big question is whether or not the 27 Satoshi level will remain in place, or a push to 29 Satoshi will occur.

The Holo team has released a development update pertaining to how their distributed hosting services will work. It seems a lot of development has already gone into this approach, although the work is never done. The big news is how Holo Hosting OS is ready for the HoloPorts, which will please a lot of HOT investors and ecosystem enthusiasts.

The Holo community is always looking toward the future, either for better or worse. It appears some people would like to see TronSecure add support for Holo, as well as a few other tokens and assets. It would certainly be interesting to see HOT getting listed on more platforms in the future, as it is not as widespread as one would assume.

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For those traders who only care about the price chart, a very interesting scenario is becoming apparent. With Holo now entering the 27-28 Satoshi range again, a crucial time is upon the altcoin. If this level were to fail as support, there is a good chance the price will drop to the 233-24 Satoshi range shortly after. A very problematic outlook if it were to come true.

While all of the other markets show signs of potential growth, it seems things are a bit different where Holo is concerned right now. That doesn’t necessarily mean this particular market will resume its bearish trend, but there may be a few hurdles to overcome prior to getting in the green again. Its overall trading volume of $8.4m isn’t too impressive either, although it is in line with previous days and weeks.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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