Hitler-Ransomware Expected To Be Released Soon

It has been a while since we saw a new and distributing form of ransomware hit the markets. Security researchers recently discovered what is labeled as Hitler-ransomware, albeit the software was never fully developed. Interestingly enough, the project was known as Hitler-ransonware, and for now, it remains unclear is development is still going on behind the scenes.

What On Earth is Hitler-Ransomware?

With such a colorful name, this malicious piece of computer code can instill fear into the hearts of many. Even though this type of ransomware is still under development, security researchers are greatly concerned over what it can do if it were to mature. At the same time, it is very different from any other type of Bitcoin malware we have seen to date.

Ransomware is best-known for its ability to decrypt computer files and locking users out entirely. This is where the Hitler-ransomware variant is different, as it does not use this tactic by any means. Instead, all file extensions are being removed, but no new extensions are created in the process.

Moreover, this premature version of ransomware can shut down critical computer processes. BleepingComputer researchers noted a process tush as Task Manager would be terminated automatically as soon as it is being run. To most computer users, this would be a minor annoyance, but no particular indication something is wrong.

Interestingly enough, the software does present a ransomware message when it infects a computer. A picture of Adolf Hitler is displayed – hence the name – including a message of how the files are encrypted. For now, it remains unknown if this tool will demand a bitcoin ransom or not. The more mature version of this malware strain is expected to make the rounds shortly.

For now, Hitler-ransomware is no immediate threat yet, as it has not been distributed on a large scale. Once the final version of this malware is released, that situation may become very different, though. Given the image of Hitler appearing on one’s computer, plenty of people will look to pay the fee as soon as possible.

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