HitBTC Increases Support For Fiat Deposits To Attract Mainstream Traders

Bringing mainstream traders and enthusiasts over to the cryptocurrency side is not as easy as it sounds. HitBTC, a well-respected cryptocurrency exchange, has increased its support for both USD and EUR depositing. New users will have an easier time passing the verification process and depositing funds into their balances as soon as possible.

HitBTC Wants To Make Cryptocurrency More Mainstream

Although HitBTC offers the more prominent cryptocurrencies to be traded in exchange for USD and EUR, they have over 20 different trading markets in total. The company is also focusing on adding promising digital assets when the opportunity arises. After all, the cryptocurrency world is about more than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin alone.

The additional support for fiat currencies will catapult HitBTC to the next level. By attracting professional traders, the exchange hopes to put cryptocurrency on the minds of millions of people. Unlike more traditional trading offers, cryptocurrency is “fresh,” yet still influenced by factors. It also follows specific patterns for those who are well-versed in performing a technical analysis. There is plenty of profit to be made, although the possibility of losses is nearly equal.

For some reason there is still a gap between traditional trading and cryptocurrency exchanges. Even though the likes of Bitcoin continue to gain traction, the trading platforms themselves are not overly appealing to mainstream users. HitBTC wants to become that solid trading platform and give cryptocurrency a much-needed injection of “new blood into the community”.

HitBTC Product Manager Paul Clarkson told The Merkle:

“Besides having a professional team of developers, we have a well-organized team of financiers and outsourced trading experts. The massive financial expertise allows us to make our product mature for penetrating the traditional financial market. As for development, we are especially proud of our support for FIX, which is unprecedented for bitcoin exchanges.”

To make the platform more appealing to mainstream traders, HitBTC has special offers for market makers. This option is available to both individuals and enterprises who know how to impact the markets. There is also advanced reporting and a slew of useful trading tools for more advanced users. New users who sign up between now and October 20th will also enjoy  0% depositing fees.

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