Heterogeneous Public Blockchain Bytom Announces 2019 Global Dev Competition, with Prize Pool of $100,000

Bytom has announced the launch of its 2019 Global Dev Competition in May during the New York Blockchain Week event. The competition is to be held during August in San Francisco, and the development competition invites developers from around the world to take part, helping the platform identify talents which could bolster the Bytom ecosystem.

The competition is a follow up to its highly successful 2018 Global Dev Competition held last year in Hangzhou, China. The upcoming competition already has teams signed up from countries all over the world, such as India, the U.S., Venezuela Zambia and Taiwan. Interested teams can register for the competition by 2nd August.

Rewards and Details

The 2019 Global Dev Competition by Bytom has a reward pool of almost USD 100,000 for winners. Other support for teams includes incubators, fundraising and technical support. The prizes are distributed as one for the top winner, two for runner ups and three prizes for the following three teams. The winner of the competition will be awarded USD 30,000 equivalent of Bytom’s native token, BTM.

Interested teams can sign up for the competition before 2nd August. Preliminary rounds will begin the day after, on the 3rd of August and will last till the 7th. The final round, including a roadshow for the competition, will consist of a two day event on 24th and 25th of the same month.

Like the last competition, this one will also see 16 teams in the final rounds, with different levels of prizes. The winner, a single team, will grab USD 30,000 worth of BTM. Two runner ups will get USD 10,000 equivalent and three following teams will get each USD 5,000 worth in BTM tokens. To acknowledge efforts made by other finalists, the rest of the 10 teams will be awarded USD 3,000 worth of BTM also.

The competition also allows teams a chance to win an extra USD 500 in BTM through referrals. A referred team winning in the competition would entail the extra prize being awarded to the referee team.

Competition Requirements

The Bytom Global Dev Competition is governed by strict rules, such as:

  • Max 5 members per team.
  • Projects built on Bytom ecosystem.
  • Proper coding and function of the project.
  • Stable, secure and practical.
  • More creative and efficient than industry equivalent.
  • Comfortable user interface.
  • Easy to use application.

Designed to fill in the gap between the digital and real world, Bytom is a public blockchain system that allows users to bring offline assets online and eliminate the friction that exists today. The Bytom ecosystem creates three distinct layers, each dedicated to deal with specific operations that allows not only handling of virtual assets (or real life assets represented by virtual ones), but allows interaction of these different tokens at the same time.

For more information on the 2019 Global Dev Competition, please visit the Bytom website.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article