HERMICITY Releases Technical ‘Rainbow’ Paper

Hermicity is a new project under Ethereum ecosystem that will allow people to pay for the delivery of supplies to homes in remote areas using Blockchain technology and drones. The project is being developed by an 18 years old Australian programmer. 

Ethereum is a platform that facilitates developers to unleash their creativity, building Dapps and services that simply cannot run on other Blockchain protocols.

John Dummett, an 18 years old coder and designer from Australia with previous working experience at CoinJar -Australia’s biggest Bitcoin Exchange, came up with the idea to send packages of Soylent -A nutritionally complete and cost effective food- using a combination of drones, smart-contracts, and ether to Hermicities -a collection of isolated homes were people live in a state of semi-retirement, with little social interactions.

The project’s website was updated with a new design and the release of Hermicity’s Rainbow paper:

A main pillar of society is the assumption that we need eachother to survive. Previously the hermit lifestyle was a dangerous and largely uncomfortable one. But with Hermicities this isn’t the case anymore.

Hermicities are towns where homes are scattered in -preferably- remote areas, citizens of a Hermicity can choose to live a life of solitude with little to no social interaction. The Rainbow paper describes the general methodology to choose and build a Hermicity:

Proposals are submitted via IPFS to the Hermicity forums, detailing a potential Hermicity. The eligibility of each proposal is assessed with a prediction market, key metrics being viability (as a percentage) and estimated capital gain (in Ether). This provides a rough consensus as to whether the particular Hermicity proposed should move to the funding stage.

The project will use a general DAO framework with subsequent improvements to allow room for growth. As with Slock.it proposal to the DAO, Hermicity will require a real world custodian -a legal entity- similar to DAO.Link to interact and comply with government’s legislations.

Up until very recent technological advancements, we were social creatures by necessity as living alone was costly, unsafe and uncomfortable. We’re going to make living alone accessible.

Hermicity is a project that seems like science fiction, it combines elements of the Ethereum technology stack to create self-sustained cities and communities. Is it a longshot? Only time will tell.

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