Here Are the Top 4 NEO Wallets

With NEO becoming such a popular cryptocurrency, it is only normal that people aren’t too sure which wallet to use. There are quite a few different offerings available in this regard. Below are some interesting ones to check out, even though there is a dire need for more mobile support. Right now, O3 is the only mobile option for both iOS and Android users.


Even though a lot of people have a lot of love for web wallets these days, it is evident they are not the most secure solutions. Users who prefer to retain more control over their balances will want to look at the native NEO GUI wallet. It is pretty simple to use, works well, and lets users add a passphrase to protect their private keys. Using a desktop wallet does mean users will need to update the client manually and keep their computer safe from malware and hackers at all times. Still, the GUI wallet works just fine and has all of the basic functionality one would like to see.

3. O3 for iOS and Android

The NEO O3 Wallet for iOS has been available to users for over three months now. The code is also open sourced on GitHub, which allows anyone to check it out for themselves and ensure nothing malicious is going on. The iOS wallet also underwent an extensive beta test during which no funds were stolen or lost. It is currently only compatible with iOS 11 and later, by the look of things, which means owners of older Apple devices will have to look for other solutions. It is possible that situation will change in the future.

O3’s team also released an Android version of their wallet a little while ago. So far, it seems to have received some positive reviews, although there have been complaints from some users regarding small crashes. With Android being the most widely used mobile operating system in the world, it’s good to see support for NEO on this platform. So far, the Android version has under 5,000 installs, but that number will probably increase over time. Do keep in mind you will need Android 6.0 and higher to make use of this app.


Any self-respecting cryptocurrency has its own light wallet for users to make use of. Not everyone wants to download an entire blockchain, as most people just want a convenient and lightweight wallet solution. For NEO, that product comes in the form of NEON, which was developed for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It offers the basic functionality of any wallet, but without the need to synchronize with the blockchain by downloading it. This wallet’s code is also available on Github for additional transparency.

1. Ledger Nano S

A hardware wallet is always the best bet for any cryptocurrency. The Ledger Nano S has quickly become a favorite among cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world. It is relatively cheap, offers a lot of functionality, and supports the world’s top cryptocurrencies. As such, it’s not surprising to see this wallet support NEO as well. The wallet supports many different altcoins right now, and NEO support was added some time ago.

To ensure you can use NEO with your Ledger Nano S, the latter’s firmware will need to be upgraded to version 1.3.1. Once that is done, the Ledger Manager will display the NEO application. Once the hardware wallet is connected and the software installed, it will support this cryptocurrency natively. It is still necessary to use a compatible NEO client wallet in conjunction with the Ledger Nano S, though. Detailed instructions can be found on the Ledger website.