Hedera Joins CoinGecko In Learn-to-Earn Campaign Launch ; KangaMoon and Floki Await Unprecedented Growth

Less than a week ago, CoinGecko, a prominent DEX platform, announced on X (formerly called Twitter) that it has launched a Learn to Earn campaign with Hedera Foundation. This development is thought to spur positive momentum around the Hedera (HBAR) coin.

Additionally, the altcoin market is also eager to see how well Floki token would perform in the meme coin market as Coinbase supports $FLOKI perpetual futures. Meanwhile, KangaMoon’s (KANG) upcoming launch is also building up anticipation in the GameFi market as the P2E token awaits more tier-1 listings, particularly on BitMart and Uniswap.

KangaMoon (KANG) Gears Up More Than 100X Growth When It Goes Live

This year, the GameFi market which is currently worth over $27 billion is expected to see more influx, as more unique projects like KangaMoon (KANG) launch on the market. KangaMoon particularly offers two unique engagement styles including a play-to-earn GameFi approach and a SocialFi integration for additional gains. However, the main focus of this platform is allowing users to engage in battle-themed contests or speculative betting in order to win $KANG tokens and other valuables.

With the native $KANG token, KangaMoon is poised to deliver an immersive experience by allowing users to upgrade their KANG battle characters and even buy in-game assets or win NFT prizes, expanding the dynamics of the platform. Currently, $KANG token is still selling out in its bonus presale stage with the token having risen from $0.005 to $0.025, delivering up to 400% ROI to those who bought the token in the first stage of its presale.

KangaMoon is setting its sights on ranking among the top meme coins for high gain potential this year. Projected to experience a 100x growth, KangaMoon has already garnered a market cap over $20M, and has a community base of over 32,000 registered members consisting of about 10,000 $KANG tokens holders. Despite these impressive numbers, KangaMoon is poised to see more growth due to its partnership with RaidSharkBot, a community engagement bot.

After completing five striking presale stages, KangaMoon meme coin has already secured listings on prominent exchange platforms like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. Owing to its upcoming additional listings and its current SocialFi challenge where users are gaining $KANG tokens just by sharing and commenting on its social media posts, KangaMoon can eventually rank above huge players in the meme coin market.

Hedera Network Buckles Up For Potential Influx Amid Learn to Earn Campaign 

Roughly a week back, Hedera (HBAR) partnered with CoinGecko to introduce an incentivized campaign with a Learn-to-Earn approach. This campaign invited users to learn and ace quizzes and stand the chance to partake in a 300,000 Hedera coin as cash prize. This is poised to increase the traction seen by Hedera.  

As of May 15, CoinGecko ranked the Hedera network as the top fastest chain on the blockchain with a record of 3,042 transactions per second. However, with the recent Learn-to-Earn campaign, which was further extended to last till June 11, Hedera coin may rank among top altcoins for consideration this Q2.

Floki Price Trajectory Could Witness Increased Traction As Coinbase Supports Its Perpetual Futures

Coinbase recently announced that it would be supporting $FLOKI perpetual futures at exactly 9:30 am on May 30. Owing to the arrival of this date, Floki token is expected to see increasing traction moving on. This update means that $FLOKI could gain more visibility and further attract more investors and traders to the coin. 

Being added to a big platform like Coinbase Future can make it easier to buy and sell Floki, and could make more people want to trade it, which might raise its price. Ultimately, Floki can potentially remain a top gaining meme coin this year.

How Long Before KangaMoon Can Rival Floki’s GameFi Growth?

Indeed, aside from KangaMoon, Floki also houses a GameFi approach amongst many and has grown massively over the years. However, KangaMoon may be able to rival Floki sooner than expected, potentially a year after it goes live on the GameFi market.

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