Healthy Dicks Launches Multi-Colored Penis NFTs To Support Men’s Health

Summary: Men’s health charity, Healthy Dicks, are launching a free creative art campaign of NFT penises to those lucky enough to grab one (or more), raising funds for prostate and testicular cancer research.

The organization Healthy Dicks has announced that they will be releasing 5,000 free  “dick-based” NFTs to the public out of a 10,000 collection, with 50 percent of all trading royalties/ sales going toward prostate and testicular cancer research and mental health support for men.

The NFT market is known for creative concepts but very few promote relevant humanitarian causes, Health Dick’s vision is to increase the spread of penis images throughout the blockchain community to raise awareness of men’s health issues.

“By utilizing creative art, we want to remind people to have a laugh and focus on the positives even when there’s a bit of fear in the crypto market” Paul the brand spokesperson said. “We want to create a strong community of dick holders who support our mission.”

Currently, Healthy Dicks is showcasing some of the 5,000 available non-fungible penis cartoon tokens on its website. Drawings feature plump testicles, multicolored shafts, and luminous heads.

Healthy Dicks will hold a free mint on 23 June 2022 of 5,000 NFT penises. Funds for men’s health project donations will then be raised from secondary sales and reservations. Supported charitable organizations include Zero Cancer, The Prostate Cancer Foundation, American Cancer Society, Mental Health Foundation, Movember, and Man Up.

Remaining Healthy Dicks NFTs will be released over the following two years, with auctions going to support men’s health charities across the globe. It’s all part of the organization’s mission of “improving men’s health … one dick at a time.”

The NFT movement will benefit considerably from its initiative, Healthy Dicks says. It is a proof of concept that shows how organizations can support charities through NFTs and similar blockchain-enabled schemes, both now, and in the future.

The need for projects like this is considerable. While Healthy Dicks takes a somewhat humorous approach, the issues facing men are anything but funny. Estimates suggest that between 8,000 and 10,000 men in the US develop testicular cancer every year, with a further 268,000 developing prostate cancer. Moreover, depression and anxiety impact the lives of one in four men at some point in their lives, but often go undiagnosed, with estimations of 800,000 men committing suicide annually.

Healthy Dicks sees its NFCharity-enabled approach to fund-raising as a new frontier in men’s health initiatives. If the scheme is successful, it may become a model for similar charitable schemes in the future.

For more information about the project and regular updates, please visit Alternatively, email [email protected] or call +62 821 4449 3831.

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