Hada DBank: A Blockchain-Based Islamic Bank

HADA Dbank, is set to bring the emergence of Islamic banking principles to the blockchain ecosystem, forging a new future ahead of the current banking systems. HADA DBank is a Kuala Lumpur-based company, working to place itself at the forefront of the new generation of financial banking systems. Using the traditional Islamic banking methodology of fair and transparent risk and responsibility sharing, augmented by the technological innovation of blockchain.

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The Best Kind of Banking

Islamic banking is highly distinguishable from the traditional banking methods we see in the west, using two major principles: the first is sharing of profit and loss, the second is complete prohibition of interest by other investors and lenders, while discarding all interest-bearing models that have been proven to be unsustainable and complicit in the failures of global banking.

The HADA DBank Advantage

Hada DBank follows Islamic Financial Laws prohibiting risky ventures, Hada DBank will have a maximum Liability to Asset ratio of 1:3. All savings will always be backed by valuable assets such as precious metals. And are fully insured according to the Islamic banking principles.

HADA DBank allows users to have access to a full-feature personal banking service, this includes a free encrypted account and e-Wallet, accessible via smartphones and non-smart mobiles, also receiving a savings account at a probable 5% Hibah, this means a discretionary gift usually based on business performance per annum with a zero withdrawal fee.

HADA Exchange, featuring a zero-fee charge on cryptocurrency exchanges, or on major crypto-fiat currency exchanges. Also offering physical and virtual debit cards with cashback and discount programs with affiliate partners and merchants.

HADA DBank clients will also have access to Bot HUDA, a financial management bot that will help manage their spending, income and financial goals, this protocol is using the latest artificial intelligence HADI will be your personal financial advisor, helping you make informed investment decisions based on objective advice and assessments.

HADACoin, HADA DBank’s Native Token

Hada DBank will host a token generation event, this raising the funds necessary for the full development of products and services of the world’s first blockchain-based Islamic digital bank. The native HADACoin will be a digital asset to enable users to conduct transactions, users will be able to convert this to and from fiat into cryptocurrencies within the Hada DBank platform and debit card. Based on the Ethereum platform, HADACoin benefits from the transparency of a public blockchain and the security of smart contracts.

HADACoin will be sold during the pre-sale at an increased rate adjusting to supply, starting at a rate of 1 ETH = 2000, HADACoins for the first 10 million tokens, gradually reducing every 10 million tokens. With the flash sale now live, granting participant with 4000 tokens, for the 1st 1 million HADACoins.

Once the Hada DBank platform launches, HADACoin will be trading on the F1Cryptos exchange the first of many exchange platform partnerships in the pipeline.

The HADA DBank and Bitcoin PR Buzz Partnership

HADA DBank is also proud to announce a partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz as its strategic media partner. As the world’s first cryptocurrency and blockchain PR agency, it benefits from its intimacy and reputation with various information distribution platforms such as CryptoCoinsNews, The Merkle, Coinspeaker, CoinIdol and many other international Blockchain news sites. In addition, its network extends to several hundred online news outlets.

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