Great Progress Made on Development of the Bolenum Exchange

Bolenum represents both a digital currency and financial services provider, currently targeting the African continent which wishes to offer a simple and secure way of receiving, sending and exchanging money in numerous forms. While the Bolenum Exchange is still under development, great progress has been made so far.

The main purpose of the project in question is to create an end-to-end remittance service which is powered directly by the Ethereum blockchain. The Boleno token, also known as BLN will be the fuel of the entire project, therefore helping people transfer value across the network and powering the ecosystem of the exchange. Therefore, the BLN token will be used be clients for secure payment remittance, being able to shop on the Bolenum marketplace, paying the transaction fees on the exchange, withdrawing to any of the supported local African fiat currencies available, paying for new listings and more.

Beta version to be launched soon

As mentioned earlier, great progress has been made on the exchange development. With this in mind, the beta version of the Bolenum Exchange project will be released on the 15th of December 2017 for testing by the community for inputs.

This represents great news considering the fact that at this time, Nigerian financial authorities are moving fast when it comes down to providing support and guidance for blockchain-based projects. Additionally, the Central Bank of the country has also been hosting numerous conferences for stakeholders alongside with seminars in both Lagos and Abuja, with the development team behind Bolenum participating in most.

Very soon, the Bolenum team will be launching the Bolenum Fintech Accelerator Hub, meant for young Africa-based entrepreneurs who wish to turn their business ideas into technological breakthroughs for the continent.

Those who are interested in getting involved can go ahead and invest in the Bolenum Project. Currently, Boleno tokens, BLN can be purchased at the Coinex Exchange.

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