GovRat 2.0 Malware Released and the Reports are Out

Malware is much like software, in terms of needing updates. A newer version of GovRat has been released recently, GovRat 2.0. GovRat and GovRat 2.0 were made to steal sensitive data from governments.

Reports say that the malware attacked corporate computer systems and has become more aggressive than before. Info Armor, who published the findings stated that the malware had a new, one of a kind, sophisticated system that was bypassing antivirus software. This rendered it virtually undetectable while running on targeted systems.

The data being collected includes email addresses, names, addresses and encrypted passwords. The most unsettling thing is that it does its job without notice, triggering no alarms or safeguards.

It’s rumored that there are two hackers behind the development of the GovRat malware. Popopret and PoM are the hackers dubbed responsible by federal staff and major names in the education like University of Florida. It was also noted that this malware lets buyers spam officials to spread the malware through email attachments that direct the target to a site that automatically downloads the GovRat malware, undetected.

Andrew Komarov, Chief intelligence Officer said:

“Cyber espionage is targeting specific sectors such as researches, IT and government agencies. This stolen data is then sold on dark net, including Hell Forum at a fantastic price up to $6,000.”

Info Armor took it upon themselves to alert the companies that have been victims without knowing it. Exact figures for the number of companies that have been actual victims of this malware, have not been disclosed. Updates will be made when more information is available.

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