Goldman Sachs Apparently has a Bitcoin Agenda

Financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs have always condemned Bitcoin and other crypto assets. In 2020 and beyond, they are looking at the new form of money from a completely different perspective.

Rumor has it that Goldman Sachs is paying very close attention to Bitcoin.

Goldman Sachs Pays Attention to Bitcoin

Not to blast it further through mouthpiece Jamie Dimon, but rather as a serious contender.

More specifically, there will be a meeting next week which discusses various important topics. 

Not only will there be discussions about the US economic outlook and inflation.

Other topics to be discussed include gold and, surprisingly, Bitcoin.

What that will mean for the world’s leading cryptocurrency, remains to be determined.

Compared to financial markets, Bitcoin has had a pretty decent start to 2020.

Seeing Goldman Sachs pay attention to crypto assets is very interesting.

Albeit it was a matter of time until the inevitable happened, one never knows what types of shenanigans banks are up to.

Perhaps all of this has to do with the ongoing stimulus packages approved and issued by the Federal Reserve.

IT creates an unsustainable situation that will need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Bitcoin can certainly play an interesting role in this regard, albeit nothing has been put on paper just yet.