Glenn Beck Accuses Trump Campaign CEO of Using Dark Net to Hire Assassins

Glenn Beck has come forward with an accusation aimed at Stephen Bannon, Donald Trump’s new presidential campaign CEO, and former Breitbart News executive. The allegation is that Bannon threatens his enemy’s lives, and even hires assassins using dark net.

Ted Cruz supporter, Glen Beck, said that Bannon uses the dark web for various illegal activities, including hiring assassins.

“This guy [Bannon] uses the dark web. If you don’t know what the dark web is, good for you. Dark web is where u can hire assassins; oh, it’s frightening. It is frightening. It’s where you can download child porn, you can buy sex slaves. It’s horrible,” Beck said.

Beck has been known to discuss the dark web regularly, as well as Bitcoin.

“This guy uses the dark web to find people to do investigations and whatever else he would like to do. The person that we wanted to get on to talk about him, because I’ve talked to them several times in the past, and knows him inside and out, is now too afraid to come on because he’s using the dark web against this individual and they’re afraid. The do not want to say anything more about him,” Beck continued.

Beck has had regular talks on his show about the deep web, and bitcoin. One show he even spent more than ten minutes on Bitcoin, and the Blockchain technology.  He’s also had discussions with Distributed Defense founder Cody Wilson about 3-D gun printing, and how plans were being found for sale on dark net.

These allegations are the first ever to involve a presidential campaign, and dark net. Glen Beck is known for his conservative television show, as well as appearing regularly on Fox News. He currently appears on his own show, TheBlaze. He bashes President Obama, and Donald Trump regularly. In 2012 he was an active supporter of the Mitt Romney campaign.

Becks claims have been scrutinized highly by professionals in the IT industry. BrightPlanet, a tech. firm in South Dakota showed that Beck doesn’t even categorize his information right.

“The deep web is anything that a search engine can’t find. The dark web then is classified as a small portion of the deep web that has been intentionally hidden and is inaccessible through standard web browsers,” a representative from BrightPlanet said.

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